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Pikulski Basha Group, LLC Opens in Saratoga Springs


The Pikulski Basha Group, LLC, is combining the skills of Dianan Pikulski and Jacqueline Basha to form a company to develop communications and marketing strategies for corporations, nonprofits, and individual clients.

Pikulski is an attorney and the former executive director of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. She was recently named one of the 25 most influential women in the racing industry by The Thoroughbred Times.

Basha holds a master's degree from Harvard and has managed her own public relations and advertising agency for over twenty years. She was worked in several states on many platforms, from ractetracks to political action committees.

The experience both women have in the racing industry has lead them to place part of their focus on providing services tailored specifically to Thoroughbred racing.

These services, available for any variety of businesses, include philanthropy counseling, public policy, fundraising, government relations, community outreach, and several other initiatives designed to improve each company's image in communication and marketing.

Initially, the firm will have offices in Saratoga Springs and in South Florida. For more information, call 518-288-8435.

Do you believe this woman-fronted venture will see success in Saratoga? Let us know!

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I believe this new company will be very successful because its two dynamic key executives each has an impressive level of achievements in their respective fields. Both of these women have an accomplished and demonstrated track record of success and effectiveness -- and their combined talents, contacts and power will surely make a major and positive impact on the special and general marketplace for the firm's clients.

I've had the privilege of knowing Ms.Jacqueline Basha and working with her on a number of projects during the past 30 years -- and that experience of her varied and brilliant capabilities alone gives me the confident perspective of knowing this firm is off to a great start. And, teamed with the nationally renowned and respected Dianan Pikulski, who also boasts a stellar resume of considerable professional feats, this firm is destined for greatness. Good luck to them -- and how fortunate for businesses and other organizations in Saratoga that this professional group is available to provide expert counsel and game-changing strategies to vault its clients into new levels of success.

Best wishes to the Wonder Women combination of Jacqueline Basha and Dianan Pikulski!

Ron Sachs
Tallahassee, Florida

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