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Saratoga Springs Named As Best Place To Live


Money Magazine has included Saratoga Springs in their list of 'America's Best Small Towns'

Saratoga Springs was named as one of the best small towns in America, and we can help our town by voting it a fan favorite!
The article mentions the springs themselves, over 20 of them providing fresh water throughout the town, all available for public consumption. The downtown area that holds many shops, restaurants and nightlife attractions, as well as SPAC were also mentioned.

Interestingly, nowhere in the article is the Racetrack mentioned. I would think, being one of the historic, and undoubtedly most beautiful race courses in the country, this might be included in the draw to Saratoga Springs. The track brings tourists and money into Saratoga like nothing else.

So lets all vote for Saratoga Springs as our 'fan favorite' and let Money Magazine know that they have overlooked one of the best attractions in our small town! Check out the article, and click the facebook 'like' button next to the photo to cast your vote!

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