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Megabus Service Coming to Saratoga


Have you heard Megabus is coming to Saratoga in a couple months? Starting in April, Megabus, the budget-friendly bus service, will make regular stops in Saratoga Springs. This will make traveling between Saratoga and New York City / Burlington easier and more affordable!

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Megabus is well know for its low cost travel, with fares starting as low as $1. No that is NOT a typo, $1! 

The network stretches from Canada to New York City, and will now include a daily stop in the Spa City, where travelers can head to either New York City or Burlington, Vermont from Saratoga.

Trips from Saratoga to NYC are scheduled to leave at 7 pm, and trips from Saratoga to Burlington are scheduled to leaving at 12 pm.

Tickets are currently on sale for $4 and that price will go up as travel date gets closer (if you traveled on Megabus before you know that this is normal.)

Have you ever hitched a ride on a Megabus? How was it? I am dying to know whether or not the super cheap fare is too good to be true?


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yes it is soo cheap. igo to nyc from albany roundtrip it only costs $30!


Is it really leaving for NYC at 7PM? How family friendly is that?


I took the Megabus from Chicago to Cleveland. It was quite comfortable,on time, and incredibly cheap.

Will the Megabus let you get off between Saratoga and Burlington ie Manchester, Rutland, etc

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