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Were Any Of You At SPAC When Whitney Was There In 1987?

The news of Whitney Houston's death over the weekend came as a surprise to many, and spread through the social media world like wild fire. I found out while sitting out in the middle of a frozen lake, checking out my twitter feed.

Today I came across this video, a live show at SPAC in the summer of 1987. Check out her performance of "Didn't We Almost Have It All?" - her hit single that was nominated for Song of the Year at the 1988 Grammys. 

Were you at the show in 1987? How does this compare to other concerts that you have been to at SPAC?

Rest in Peace Whitney


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So, SO sad. There won't be another that can sing so beautifully, so effortlessly.

With news of the death of Whitney Houston, the sweet memory of attending this concert at SPAC rushed back. I got mid-range orchestra seats, stage right, so I could take my 9 year old daughter, an instant and adoring fan of Whitney.
Despite the number of years ago, I am reliving the excitement and electricity in the air that night--the magic of a stunning young singer on the rise to super stardom.
Throughout the concert, my daughter was adamant that Whitney actually spotted her in audience and waved to her. There was no talking her out of it. I finally gave up.
If you were to ask my daughter today, now a wife and mother, she would look you straight in the eye and tell you that Whitney Houston waved to her at that concert.
As Whitney concludes her song in the video above, the camera pans to the area where we were sitting.
(...now I'm beginning to wonder...?).

What a great story Pat. My aunt was at this concert too. I am a HUGE Whitney fan and am sad to say I never saw her in concert, but this is truly one of my favorite performances I ever have seen her perform live.


I was at the SPAC concert in 1987. My daughter who was 6 at that time loved Whitney. I was going to the concert with friends and had only purchased a ticket for myself. The day of the concert I called and asked if I could purchase a ticket to have my daughter sit on my lap. I ended up getting the ticket for my daughter. That daughter turned 31 on the day of Whitney's funeral. VERY SAD -- I'm glad to have that YouTube video of that SPAC concert!


I was only two when she performed here, but I grew up listening to her music. She had such a beautiful voice and she was GOD's gift to the music world. I love this performance because she had the crowd silent; it was as if they were hypnotized by her voice, there was a need to hear every tune she sang. It's just beautiful!

"Crack is whack" - W.H.:(

This has always been my favorite live performance of hers...Ever!!...Watching it today on her birthday I got to wondering..."This was obviously a concert... What else did she sing?!"..Anyone who was there remember what else she sung?

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