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Brindisi's Makes Way for Something New


Stop the press! The Brindisi's spot is no longer up for grabs - Ruso's Restaurant has snagged the space!

The owner of Brindisi's Restaurant and Bar, Andy Brindisi, decided last November to close the restaurant for its slowest season, and then put up the space for sale.

With interviews and offers on the one hand and his restaurant in the other, Brindisi weighed the effort the restaurant demanded against his other desires, particularly spending more time with his family.

Although Brindisi is bowing out, he's leaving with a long, impressive career behind him, with over a decade in the restaurant business.

Rumors that neighbor The Circus Cafe wanted to buy the space and expand were proven incorrect, though the owners had considered the option.

Instead, Russo's Restaurant will open in the space. It's a prime spot - right on Saratoga's main downtown street, between busy and popular Phila and Caroline Street and within view of any hungry drivers sitting at the Division Street intersection.

According to The Business Review, Joe Russo and his wife Lisa had planned to open their new Italian-American restaurant the week of St. Patrick's Day, but it looks like things have been delayed a bit. I think we can count on an April opening, though.

Are you excited for the new restaurant? What would you like to see spring up in downtown Saratoga? Share your thoughts with us!

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