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Comfort Kitchen Opens Today


Last week's dreary weather was enough to make anyone want to curl up with some mac 'n cheese, some sweet potato fries, or really, just any delicious comfort food. Luckily for all of us, Comfort Kitchen will be opening today in downtown Saratoga.

You might remember our interview with Comfort Kitchen earlier this year. In that, they promised us the most delicious comfort food around, with all the freshest seasonal ingredients. 

Today, June 12 at 11 am, Comfort Kitchen will open their doors in the Saratoga Marketplace, right in downtown Saratoga! Expect a rush of warm savory air, filled with the aromas of minestrone soup, house-made pasta, and warm apple crisp. 

So beat the blahs and fill up your stomach and soul with some yummy comfort food today! Will you be headed to Comfort Kitchen to get your fix of local food? Where else do you go that features local produce?

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This is very good news for us.From today we can taste the best quality food from comfort kitchen.

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