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Put The Desserts Down: 10 Questions With The Owner Of Healthy Living Market Coming Soon To Saratoga Springs

Everyone in the Saratoga Springs area will have a new place to help stay in shape and keep eating healthy. Healthy Living Market and Cafe, an independently owned natural foods market, will be opening in the Wilton Mall in early 2013. Healthy Living Market will offer a variety of local, organic, and natural groceries. The Cafe will allow people to dine in or take out and you can buy wines at Divine Wines, inside of Healthy Living Market. I wanted to find out more about the new natural foods market and asked the owner, Katy Lesser, ten questions about her new store.....

  1. What makes Healthy Living Market different from your average supermarket?

    Katy: We are a natural and organic market. We're all about creating a place where the community can shop, eat, meet and learn. 

  2. What does Healthy Living Market offer besides natural and organic foods?

    Katy: We have lots of locally grown produce, meat, poultry, fabulous cheese, a big bulk department, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, a huge cafe with tons of fresh, and house-made meals to go. We also have a learning center where the community comes to learn about cooking and wellness... and lots more. 

  3. What was the inspiration for the first Healthy Living Market?

    Katy: I wanted to have a market where people could find fresh, healthful foods that were provided with wellness in mind, with lots of thought going into every product.

  4. How many jobs will the new location be creating?

    Katy: Close to 150.

  5. If you could describe the feeling of helping someone live a healthy life in one word, what would it be?

    Katy: Inspiring!

  6. Are there any plans on expanding Healthy Living Market in the near future?

    Katy: We're always looking at new opportunities.

  7. Why did you choose the Wilton Mall for your new store location?

    Katy: Tons of parking, easy access tot he surrounding area, and the synergy created by all the other businesses in the area. 

  8. Will there be any weekly specials or events?

    Katy: Absolutely! We have weekly and monthly sales and specials in every department, the Learning Center has classes every week, and we'll be participating in many local events. There will always be specials running.

  9. What is something people can find at Healthy Living Market that they would not expect you to carry?

    Katy: All sorts of interesting ingredients that aren't sold at most stores. Our Learning Center teaches people a multitude of ways to use new ingredients! 

  10. What is a quick tip to healthier living that people might not know know but should?

    Katy: Be curious about food, learning to cook and eat things that aren't on your usual list that stimulates the taste buds, the mind and expands your horizons!

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