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comfort-kitchen-dish.jpgSoon Saratoga will be home to a new restaurant serving up the most irresistible comfort foods known to mankind. Comfort Kitchen is located in the Saratoga Marketplace, and Chef-Owner Rory Moran graced Saratoga.com with an interview.

This interview covers everything from his inspiration for opening this new restaurant, to Comfort Kitchen menu items we can expect, to Rory's personal favorite comfort foods and more. You don't want to miss a thing!

Saratoga.com Interview With Rory Moran, Chef-Owner Of Comfort Kitchen In Saratoga

What inspired you to open "Comfort Kitchen" in Saratoga?

Comfort Kitchen has been brewing in my mind for years now. I've always taken great joy out of cooking food for people that they love and crave. The concept began about 4 years ago, and I couldn't be more excited that it is now becoming a reality.

What kinds of foods will the new restaurant offer? Have you established a menu yet?

The menu is inspired by food that I loved and ate when I was growing up. Comfort food to me is the food that you asked your mom to make on your birthday, or a food that evokes a memory from your childhood. Every dish is house made and based on local, seasonal ingredients.

Some of the dishes I'm most excited about are the 'Make your own' Mac & Cheese, Fresh Ground Burger, Tater Tots, Shrimp Po' Boy, House Maple Brined Turkey Sandwich, Donuts, and Milk & Cookies. I will also have rotating house made pastas, seasonal salads and soup specials.

It seemed like just yesterday we were saying goodbye to the former Sangwych sandwich shop in Saratoga, and now we are welcoming its successor in its place.

Mio Posto is the new American Italian restaurant open at the former Sangwych location at 68 Putnam Street in Saratoga Springs, NY. They made some renovations inside to spruce the place up, and they feature eight tables for dining.

Co-Written By Maura Titterington & Destiny Malone

Saratoga could soon be home to the first horse park in New York State!

What is a horse park? A horse park is a not-for-profit facility that can be used for competitions, horse shows, polo events and more. A horse park could also offer programs for riders with disabilities as well as clinics and demonstrations for educational purposes. A horse park is large enough to have the ability to host multiple events in the same weekend.

New York State Horse Park, Inc. is the organization devoted to creating the area's first horse park in Saratoga. They are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

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