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Ed Sakos sits down for a 10 Questions interview with Ed Sakos, owner of Memphis Smoke House BBQ and Ice Cream. This Saratoga Springs BBQ joint serves fall-off-the bone, good to the last lick southern-style BBQ! Haven't been yet? Get to know Mr. Ed, and let him convince you it's the real deal.

1.What sparked your interest in BBQ? Has it always been your passion?

I have always been interested in BBQ. With ever changing needs in small business I felt it was time to change from my pizza and sandwich menu to an old time favorite, BBQ.

We used to travel up and down the Eastern Seaboard doing large events. Once you cross the Mason Dixon line, not only do the people change, so does the food. Everything in the south evolved around the pace or should we say the lack of it. The saying "low and slow" was not only practiced in all walks of life it is epitomized in the way they cook, particularly in smoking meats.

2. Your BBQ is Memphis-style, what's so special about the way Memphis barbeques?

Besides being the home of Elvis, it is our belief that it's the BBQ capital of the world. They have developed the best tasting sauces and rubs, sweet with an explosive kick. It's also home to THE BBQ event Memphis In May, where only the very best pit masters are invited to challenge for the title of Grand Master.

3. What's the most popular item on your menu?

Currently the BBQ pork, brisket and pulled chicken sandwich platters are right up there. Coming in along side neck to neck and rising fast are the smoked St. Louis ribs.

4. Without giving away any secrets, tell us more about the process you go through to create such delicious BBQ?

The flavor starts with our secret spice rubs and marinades that slowly develop from days of covering every inch of the hand-picked, choice meats. We then let them rest before putting them into our huge smoker were they cook for hour upon hour. We use a very low cooking temperature, around 200 degrees, which turns any fat into an unbelievable juicy goodness, helps tenderize your choice of meat, and adds more great flavor to each piece of meat.

5. You say you're a BBQ connoisseur, prove it!

The proof is in the BBQ. Stop in and see for yourself.

6. What's the best tip for beginners BBQ'ers?

Don't be in a rush. Take pride and passion in what you are preparing and cooking. Listen to your guests.

7. You cater! How large of party can accommodate?

We can cater parties as small as 10 and as large as several hundred people. Pick up, drop off, or on site events. Like most caterers, we do have limitations, but we are very flexible in meeting your needs and strive to make your event a very memorable experience.

Nothing here is carved in stone so don't be bashful with the questions.

8. Is grilling different than BBQ?

Most definitely.

9. Is your BBQ sauce homemade?

Most definitely. Our Bourbon sauce took a lot of time in the making and is one of our most guarded secret recipes.

10What is YOUR favorite thing about BBQ?

Happy smiling faces is the biggest compliment of it all. You see those faces and you know you have done it right.

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