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Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

horses at double lDouble L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary is a safe haven for horses that have suffered through abuse and neglect and are otherwise "unwanted." Horses enter this facility emaciated and frightened but leave healthy and overjoyed for their second chance at life!

Double L welcomes horses that are in need of physical and mental help. These horses have been starved, beaten, slaughter-bound and given up on. Double L cares for these animals with utmost tenderness to nurse them back to optimum health.

Once in a stable condition, horses that qualify may then be adopted into new and loving homes pending approval and certified adoption contracts.

Much of Double L's inhabitants are older and facing retirement. Select horses are still rideable and enjoy walks on the local trails and basic lessons with riders. However, the work is minimal as these horses have endured much pain and hardship in their lives. Most horses are in retirement and enjoy the spacious grass fields that Double L has to offer.

Double L has 15 stalls and currently 16 inhabitants. Horses are fed twice daily and live outside yearround, pending good weather, with a constant supply of hay. There is no paid staff at the stable, and money for feed is reliant largely upon donations by the generosity of others. Each year, Double L hosts three card drives:

1. Valentine's Day
2. Summertime (theme varies per year)
3. Christmas season

Anyone who can is encouraged to send a card and at least one dollar to the horses of Double L for the holidays! Although these are specially promoted events, donations are accepted at any point during the year.

Double L also works with special needs groups, at risk youths, and teens with social disorders. Many groups come to see and brush the horses and help with barn chores. These individuals enjoy spending time with the animals and are often habitual visitors, and the horses appreciate the company and extra attention!

Contributions such as hay, grain, supplements, or cash are extremely appreciated!

Donations can be sent to the following address:
Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary
9 Tilford Road
Argyle, NY 12809

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