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What's Ailing The Saratoga Trees?

If you have taken a stroll down Union Avenue, you may have noticed something wrong with the trees... Stumped? No, it's not termites. More power lines are causing holes in many trees lining Union Avenue and the historic district of Saratoga Springs. New options are being discussed.

In order to add more power lines, National Grid has had to cut down branches and limbs or cut holes in the trees that were in the way of the lines. To avoid any further tree trouble, plans to discuss other alternatives are being discussed.

Some residents have asked if the power lines could be buried underground noting that in other states, this is standard practice. The Department of Public Works looked into this option, but burying the lines would involve ripping out all the trees that are currently in the way of the power lines. Because of this, they are looking at other options.

The city of Saratoga Springs would consider National Grid planting the trees under the power lines so they could control the situation. Other options included planting shorter trees and building taller utility poles.