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Explore Beautiful Downtown Saratoga

From shopping to restaurants, there's something for everyone in downtown Saratoga!

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Broadway at Night

people walking along broadway at night

Broadway at Night

people walking along broadway at night

Adirondack Trust Clock

ornate clock outside adirondack trust company

Shopping on Broadway

a woman sits on a bench as shoppers walk by

Patio Dining in Downtown

people dining on patios in downtown saratoga

Flowers Outside Saratoga Dance

plants hanging on a fire escape in saratoga

The Adelphi Hotel

flowers in front of the adelphi hotel's entrance

The Adelphi Hotel

the adelphi hotel's ornate architecture

Live Music Outside Putnam Market

musicians performing outside putnam market

Corner of Broadway and Caroline

street signs at broadway and caroline

Brightly-Colored Victorian Houses

brightly painted victorian houses on clinton st.

Springtime on Broadway

tulips in front of adirondack trust on broadway

Hathorn Spring

tulips blooming at hathorn spring pavilion


people walking along broadway

City Hall Lion Statue

lion statue outside city hall

Adirondack Trust on Broadway

adirondack trust on broadway