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curtis jere wall sculpture

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Last week I was lucky enough to rearrange my schedule a bit so that I could go to the Brimfield Antique show in Massachusetts. Because I had never been before, I didn't really know what to expect but had assumed I would find absolutely nothing and I'd come home empty handed.  Of course I was wrong and found myself making many trips to the atm because I was very unprepared.  But instead of documenting my shopping- as I usually do with my "shopping locally" posts, I thought I'd share the one item I loved, refrained from buying and then found myself totally regretting afterward.

My husband always says if I bought everything I wanted we'd be on the streets, so I pick and choose carefully what is worth spending money on- for me and for my clients.  But every now and then I find something that I think I have to have- and at Brimfield it was a beautiful Curtis Jere piece.  If you aren't familiar with Curtis Jere (I wasn't either) it's really a collaboration formed by artists Jerry Fels and Curtis Freiler in the late 1950s.  They worked together for over two decades creating the most incredible wall art.  I had been admiring their pieces for quite sometime- not knowing who they were or anything about them, but when I saw the piece below at Brimfield and was told who they were I realized it was their work I had been loving all along.IMG_4428.JPGSo why didn't I buy it?  It was towards the end of my day and I was just about ready to load up my car with the other purchases I had made.  I was feeling a little guilty about what I had spent already (though I'm thrilled with everything I found).  And I wasn't really feeling like I was ready to purchase art for my home yet- we still have quite a few other projects to complete and not to mention furniture to buy- so I just walked away.  That afternoon as I arrived back in Saratoga I realized I had missed out on a great opportunity to own a piece of art by artists I had secretly been coveting.  I emailed the dealer but unfortunately he received my note too late and another lucky person went home with the beautiful Curtis Jere piece.  But it isn't all sad.. The good news?  I now know a fabulous art dealer I hope to do business with in the future!

Here are some other amazing Curtis Jere pieces- so when you stumble upon them, you won't miss out..  and let me know if you do see one because I'd still love to add a wall sculpture to my collection!

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