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The Perfect T-Shirt

I'll never turn down the opportunity to wear a fancy dress.  You won't see it happen...ever. Yes, every girl should have a little black dress, but you know what else you should have? The perfect worn in t-shirt. Why you ask?
T-shirts are perfect for your every day look. You can throw it on with a worn in pair of jeans, and voila! A star is born! T shirts also give you the opprotunity to show your personality too. 

Are you a rocker chick?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for vanessa.jpg

Bohemian babe?


Anchors away!


Classic Beauty.

kristin stewart.jpg

Give me color!

color shirt.jpg

Sporty spice. 




Just remember that a simple T-shirt is stylish and sexy. What does your favorite T-shirt look like?

And that's my two cents!

Tee, Shirts, Stylish, Fashion. Looking For A Comfortable Day Time Look? How About A Cool T-Shirt! Do You Have A Favorite T-Shirt?

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My favorite T-Shirt is an old brown Independent Trucks Co. tee that I found in dry storage at a restaurant I used to work at.

Quality/Fit > Design/Brand/Color (as far as t-shirts go)

My favorite tee was on clearance for $1 at tjmaxx and has Adam Ant on the front (if you don't know who he is Google it lol.) It is SUPER soft and epic, to say the least!

Sounds like the perfect t-shirt! Thanks for commenting!

Just Googled it and I am sure that the tee is AWESOME! I dig it.

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