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Time for A Game Changer, Saratoga!

Something big is brewing in Saratoga and it would be great if you became a supporter.

Have you heard about THE NEW YORK HORSE PARK?

Let me start with a full disclosure, I am on The New York Horse Park Board of Directors and all my work for this organization is on a volunteer basis which, as you know, is free. There is tremendous sweat equity and satisfaction in knowing that helping to create the NYHP is not only for the current but for many future generations who make Saratoga County their home.

Not one single cent goes to anyone on the board or the advisory board. We are a small, ambitious, hardworking group who believes strongly that New York State must have a horse park and it must be right here in Saratoga County. 

Consider it a world class agricultural sporting complex focused on equestrian as well as other agricultural events year round. It will seat thousands and host a variety of attractions.

But, the facility will play a much bigger role in the life of the greater New York region. 

As a relative newcomer to Saratoga I wanted to get involved with an organization from the ground up. The push for a New York Horse Park has been around for several years but it is now moving into high gear. I wanted to be a part of that movement. 

Maybe you should consider joining, as well. 

A horse park makes good "cents" for New York State. It will be year round and generate a tremendous economic benefit from hotels to restaurants to a variety of stores as well as vendors. 

A horse park preserves green space and provides not only amazing entertainment for horse enthusiasts, it is also an educational, recreational and competition venue. The NYHP will create a a perfect place to live, work and enjoy.

Imagine every type of equestrian eventing on regulation-size dressage rings, driven dressage competitions, a grand-prix jumping course, a cross country course, a marathon course for driving competitions, a steeplechase course, 3-4 warm up rings for 3-4 outdoor arenas (some equipped with lighting for night showing) and trailheads or connections to existing trails in the area. 

Also, imagine fun events such as dog shows, cat shows, marching band, dance to gymnastics competitions.

Everything equestrian, except horse racing, since we already have the historical Saratoga Race Course and the harness track, nearby. 

THE NEW YORK HORSE PARK fits in beautifully with the growing needs of this exceptional community.

Additionally, the NYHP board envisions an equine sports medicine and rehabilitation center as well as future connection with an educational institution for equine-related studies.

And, one day, imagine world class equestrian events and eventually the Olympics right here in Saratoga. The NYHP would be a premiere local, national and international exhibition venue in line with our stated values of HEALTH, HISTORY AND HORSES

Right now the 2012 BLUE RIBBON CAPITAL CAMPAIGN is well underway and you will hear about many events on this blog, in the media and by word of mouth. 

On Tuesday April 3rd, from 6 pm until 8:30 pm, join the NYHP at its first 2012 BLUE RIBBON CAPITAL CAMPAIGN KICKOFF fundraising event at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.  

And, simply put, THE NEW YORK HORSE PARK makes good $$$ sense for New York State. It would be the next largest complex created since SPAC was built back in 1962. 

Think of what this means to your business, job creation and the year-round tourism it would produce.

We'd build upon our already the existing horse community which has allowed Saratoga to grow and prosper where other areas have not; and, it would have an economic ripple effect all around the state. 

For every dollar spent creating a horse park, five dollars is returned to the region. Those numbers, in itself, should convince those who live here it would mean a tremendous economic engine to current and future generations.

The New York Horse Park, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, needs your support to bring this exciting initiative from concept to create an actual 600 acre facility

As the NYHP has moved into a capital fundraising phase, be educated and aware of what it could mean to you, your business, your work, your community and your family. 

As the project moves ahead the NYHP needs your support. 

Funds to acquire the land on of I-87 between exits 15 and 16 (on the right side, as you head north) will go to purchasing the property, the architectural plans, land preparation and construction of the facility.

The plan is to have a shovel in the ground by Spring of 2014. 

Yes, there is a lot of work to do but the NYHP is up for the challenge. 

The park will become another crown jewel for New York State. Visitors will come from across the state, the country and the world to enjoy the NYHP

I will keep you fully updated as future events approach.

THE NEW YORK HORSE PARK: It is time for a game changer, Saratoga!

(Contact my e-mail address if you would like to attend the event Tuesday April 3rd.)

Elaine Hume Peake's blog will return Wednesday April 4th. Enjoy your weekend!

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