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It's Spring Break, Time to Apply for a Summer Job, Saratoga Teens!

Get out there Saratoga teens and apply for a summer job, NOW!

Local teens have it better than a lot of teens nationwide when it comes to looking for summertime work because Saratoga County has so many seasonal work opportunities whereas many other regions do not. As a destination region, employers need you help and start looking at resumes now.

According to regional job market sites there are anywhere from 25 to 30,000 seasonal jobs. Many of those positions turn into year round positions if you are one of the hardest and most driven workers who creates results for your employer.

Remember teens, the employer is the one who counts. 

Sure, you want the job for extra spending cash, but the boss counts first. The priority in the workplace becomes about the work and who has the best skills to do the job. Remember that throughout your entire work life.

Be highly professional, be respectful, always arrive to work on time, do the work required at your best level possible, be a great co-worker, be a team player and be helpful to customers or clients as well as the vendors. Word gets back fast to the boss if you are not doing any one of these tasks well. And, the ones you do not think would tell your boss, will. Don't be surprised: workplace politics exists.

Do your homework before you apply for the job. Know about the restaurant, business or the operation before you walk in the door. Show a sincere interest, ask questions and let the employer or the person who will do the hiring that you are the type of person they need.

Applications are excepted and you may be in the pile but, so, whenever possible, request a face to face meeting with the person doing the hiring. They need to see you, know you and remember you. 

The employer receives hundreds of applications. Make yours standout. Give them a reason to recall who you are and be sure to clearly write all the requested information clearly so the employer can easily see your information.

As a teen, you probably do not have a resume, yet. If you don't, start creating one, now. If you do, look it over, update the resume and be sure the names as well as the numbers of your references are up to date.

Apply to every on line application available and you will find that eventually you will get a call. Be ready to go through drug tests, background checks and interviews.

This is the start of your career as an employee and the boss has all the power to decide who works. The summer hiring season is just around the corner. Get a jump start on all your competition, of all ages, and be the first of your friends to land the best job around. 

Don't wait because the best jobs go first.

Finally, since this is probably the beginning of your working career, buy or checkout at the library a book called BULLETPROOF YOUR JOB by Stephen Viscusi, America's Workplace Guru. Stephen is a personal friend who has been placing workers and revising their resumes for 30+ years. He knows about the workplace and how to keep that precious job. His book will help you on your journey, whether it is that job at the local ice cream parlor or your major corporate job after college. Viscusi gives excellent and lifelong advice on how to keep that job and show you ways to avoid the many pitfalls along the way.

It's Spring Break and if you are in the region, and not away on a trip, then it is DEFINITELY to land that summer job. Apply now, Saratoga teens!

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