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Christmas Crunch

Recipe for an Old Favorite: Christmas Crunch

Recipe for an Old Favorite: Christmas Crunch

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Guest Article by Reisa Mehlman. Mehlman is a New York State Licensed Aesthetician, New York State Nail Specialist, Certified Lash Extensionist and the Director of Living Well Healing Arts Center & Spa located in the quaint village of Ballston Spa, just a stone's throw from Saratoga Springs. She has recently been featured as an Expert Author on e-zine articles.

3 Cups unpopped Popcorn Kernels

3 Dozen Eggs

7 Lemons

2 Cups Sugar

2 Ringing Phones

8 Spinning Plates

Directions: Measure out the popcorn kernels and cook. Answer phone during popping. Put out fire. Gather and juggle eggs, lemons and spinning plates. Lose control. Maintain balance. Laugh while you enjoy the sugar.

Every year, at this time of year, the holiday crunch sets in. But this year, everyone is remarking about how the holidays seem to come upon us faster than ever. So, what is normally a rushing around time has become even more so! As we try to make our plans and buy our gifts while juggling the rest of our commitments as part of lives that seem overly packed. Top all this with the fact that the holiday season can be an emotionally trying one for people and you have just created an excellent recipe for stress.

Antidote for a meltdown? Attitude.

This morning, while cruising the web, I came across a piece about a dog that walks upright on its hind legs. Why? Well, those are the only legs it has. This amazing animal's name is "Faith." So, one of the most helpful and stress reducing things we can do for ourselves is to have some faith. Take a moment and remember that amazingly enough, we make it to the finish line -- attending parties with gifts in hand, gathering with our families and/or friends and sharing the cheer.

When my children were young, the holiday season was augmented with two children's birthday parties plunked in: one right before Christmas and one just after the New Year. I can recall being so caught up that I found myself wishing the time away - just so that the craziness could be over. But now that my children are older and more or less on their own, it's funny how it seems just ever so slightly less exciting. We humans are funny creatures; oftentimes, caught up in stress, we can't appreciate joy.

Attitude adjustment remedy?

An ounce of humor, combined with an ounce of 'whatever will be, will be' added to three ounces of aged confidence and stirred with a shrug. Smile, watch the pressure shrivel and let it roll off your shoulders. So, someone just stole your parking space. You'll get there, you will. No one is still waiting for a spot from last year, so everyone must have made it out! Practice giggling. And when I get embroiled, I try to separate out those things that are within my control and those that are not. Then, I remind myself not to fret about the things that I cannot change. Remember to take a pinch of time for yourself and breathe: sure, the air is cold and bitter, but more than that, it's sweet.

Happy holidays all!

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Article by:

Reisa Mehlman
Living Well
Healing Arts Center & Spa
18 Low Street
Ballston Spa Village