Saratoga Halloween Costumes

Check out our guide to Saratoga inspired Halloween costumes. There's something for every type of Saratogian, so check it out! Have an awesome DIY Saratoga Halloween!

The Track Fan

Horseback Rider - Just because racing season is over doesn't mean you have to retire your Saratoga spirit! Grab an equestrian helmet, a protective vest, and riding boots and you'll be ready to go. You could also be a jockey!

Horse - Skip the above two ideas and simply go as a the animal itself. Horse around Saratoga in style!

young woman in horsebackriding outfit

The Cynic

A Skidmore Kid - The smarty-pants Skidmore students are known for their artsy attitudes and hipster vibes. Head to the Skidmore campus for some inspiration!

Don some faux glasses and headphones to complete the look.

mannix hipster costume

The SPAC Enthusiast

Phish Head - Every summer, the Phish Fans invade Saratoga to see their favorite jam band perform at SPAC.

Get hippy this Halloween in your Phish inspired costume.

woman with sixties sunglasses giving the peace sign

The Quick & Easy

Saratoga Spa-Goer - This is a great last minute costume for a Saratoga Halloween.

Put on your robe, some cucumber slices, and add a face mask for impact.

woman wtih spa clay mask

The Historic

Ulysses S. Grant - The 18th President of the United States lived in Saratoga in his late life and passed away just north of the town. There's a lot of history in Saratoga, so you may want to come up with your own!

Historical figures are always a classic costume for guys.

ulysses s grant

The Sexy Lady

Mansion Maid - Those mansions on North Broadway don't clean themselves! Give a classic sexy maid costume a Saratoga twist!

woman in maid costume

The Classic Lady

Jean Harlow - The 1937 Film Saratoga features a beautiful Jean Harlow in her last film.

This Saratoga "blonde bombshell" is a great alternative to the overdone Marilyn Monroe!

jean harlow

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