Shushan Valley Hydro Farm

Discover the Shushan Valley Hydro Farm! This vegetable farm in the Shushan Hamlet of Salem NY uses innovative, green technology and fresh Mountain water from a well to grow their delicious red tomatoes, fresh basil and other fresh produce.

Shushan Selects TomatoSo what makes Shushan Valley Hydro Farm's red tomatoes so... green? They are hydroponically grown. Hydroponics is a technique used to grow plants without using soil as a growing medium. Instead, the farm uses its watering system to deliver micro-nutrients to the growing vines. This nutrient solution ensures the plants receive exactly what they need, when they need it and in the amount they need... the perfect combination for growing the healthiest produce!

There are also no insecticides or other harmful chemicals used to keep pests away at this hydroponic farm. Instead, the Shushan Valley Hydro Farm uses beneficial insects to control crop damage by keeping pesky bugs away. This means the final product is safer and more environmentally friendly.

Owners Wayne and Phyllis Underwood sold their dairy herd in 1986 and built a large greenhouse, covering a quarter acre, on their Washington County farm. Before long, their reputation grew for providing New York with the tastiest tomatoes and freshest spices year round. They now raise their famous Shushan tomatoes and greens in 3 hydroponic greenhouses, and continue to grow their offerings each year.

Shushan Valley Hydro Farm is most well known for its incredible tomatoes (beefsteak and vine varieties), but the Underwood's also raise other fresh produce selections, including lettuce, beans, arugula, spinach, herbs, watercress and ramps (wild leeks).

Where Can You Buy Shushan Valley Tomatoes & Produce?

  • Visit your local supermarket!
    It's true. Most local Hannafords carry the Shushan brand tomatoes. Simply look for the characteristic blue sticker that reads "Shushan Selects" when you are in the produce section. Some local Price Chopper stores also carry Shushan Valley Hydro Farm's basil.
  • Visit your local Farmers Market!
    Shushan's tomatoes and greens can be found year round at the Saratoga Farmers Market as well as the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market, Glens Falls Farmers Market and the Schenectady market.
  • Visit the Honest Weight Food Co-op!
    Look for Shushan Valley Hydro Farm's fresh produce year round at the co-op, located at 484 Central Avenue in Albany.
  • Visit New York's Greenmarket in the City!
    On Wednesdays and Saturdays, Shushan Valley Hydro Farm brings their fresh Upstate produce to the Greenmarket in Manhattan.

Learn more about Shushan Valley Hydro Farm or call them at 518-854-9564.

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