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Saratoga Eco-Friendly Tips & Resources

Interested in living green in Saratoga? Check out these eco-friendly tips and resources, and discover how easy it can be for you to help preserve and protect the Spa City!

woman gardening

There are many areas in our daily lives where minor adjustments can help the environment and reap big energy savings.

congress park

Discover ways to go beyond recycling and help protect the environment in Saratoga by modernizing classic green tips.

farmers market signs

The Saratoga Farmers Market offers locally-grown organic produce, fresh meats, homemade breads and so much more.

apple tree

Discover which fruits and vegetables to put at the top of your 'Buy Organic List' when making your next trip to the Saratoga Farmers Market.

blueberries, blackberries, and rasbperries
Take a look at what produce is in season when, and where you can find u-pick options close to Saratoga!
recycling bin and garbage can

Recycling is a requirement in Saratoga County! Find out all you need to know about recycling in Saratoga.

woman composting

Learn about the benefits of composting, how simple it can be, and how great it can make your lawn and garden look!

solar panels in a field

Not sure how to tell if a "green" business is as eco-friendly as it claims? Let us help you pick out the real from the fake.

power strip

Many Saratoga Springs employers are looking for ways to "go green" in the workplace. You can help by following a few guidelines.

blueberries and raspberries
Explore area farmers markets in Saratoga, Warren, and Washington Counties and stock up on delicious fresh produce.
close up of vine tomatoes
Taking a summer drive up to the Adirondacks? Check out farmers markets up north and pick up some delicious produce to take home.
bagged meat
Purchase farm-fresh meat, produce, dairy products, and more from these local farms offering home delivery or who have a farm stand open.