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Saratoga Business Trends Involve A Greener Work Environment!

One of the most fascinating Saratoga business trends of late has been the shift toward eco-friendly habits in the workplace. Looking for ways to "go green" in your workplace? Discover how simple changes in the workplace can make a big difference. Check out these great tips:

  • Recycle paper! How much do you think your office discards? Set up a few central locations where employees can drop all of their "non-essential" white paper - you'll be amazed. And why not cut up some of that recycled paper for taking notes?.
  • Turn off lights and computer screens when not in use, especially at the end of the work day.
  • Consider energy-saving sleep timers for your computer monitors.
  • Don't print everything. If you don't need to print it, don't.
  • Remove your name from unnecessary mailing lists for catalogs, credit card companies, magazines, etc.
  • Use your printer's 'econo mode' whenever possible, and use your color copier or printer only when necessary.
  • Unplug electronic devices when not in use. Many appliances and electronics still use electricity when in the off mode. This means printers, scanners, computers, copiers, and yes, the office coffee pot.
  • Take the stairs - not only is it good for the environment, but it's better for your health too!
  • Reuse office supplies like paperclips and thumb tacks.
  • Encourage employees to use coffee mugs rather than disposable cups.

Follow one of the most popular Saratoga business trends, and do a favor to your local environment... go green in the workplace!