Ghost Hunters: The Haunting of Historic Canfield Casino

Congress ParkSARATOGA SPRINGS, NY -- In the summer of 2010, SyFy's Ghost Hunters came to the area to check out Canfield Casino in Congress Park, which holds the Saratoga Springs History Museum. For a long time there have been reports of mysterious figures in wedding photographs, bats, freezing temperatures and hostile energy, objects unexplainably moving, among other strange occurrences.

The team searched the winding corridors of the three-story complex, with much of the paranormal activity on the third floor. An intermittent electromagnetic field on the third floor is said to be a result of ghost activity. The team also experiences hair pulling and touching during recording.

The Canfield Casino hosted a premiere party for the airing of the episode in October of 2010 and took some lucky guests on a ghost tour. But Ghost Hunters wasn't the first to report on the spirit activity in the casino.

From 2007 through 2010, the reported paranormal incidences grossly increased. In 2007, the full-bodied Victorian period apparition appeared before a museum volunteer, only to disappear seconds later. In 2009, during a exhibition opening, a patron had a glass slapped from her hand from a ghastly presence, among other assorted creepy happening.

The Canfield Casino was originally dubbed the Saratoga Club house and was established in the late 1800s by professional boxer John Morrissey. Upon opening the Club House, Morrisey had only 3 rules - no ladies allowed, cash only, no locals. These rules allowed the club to take on exclusivity that made it one of the world's most renowned gambling houses. Read more about the history of the Canfield Casino.

Can this strange phenomenon be explained or is this a paranormal mystery? Find out for yourself!

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