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Summer Camp Basics

Learn what every parent needs to know before you send your child to summer camp in Saratoga Springs NY or a camp nearby. Be in the know, and discover important questions to ask camp directors!

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Benefits Of Camp

Why summer camp? Because kids love it! Many parents find that summer camp benefits both parent and child, offering you both a break for the summer and a chance to have some fun.

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Sleepaway Camp- Homesick Child

Is Your Child Ready?

It is natural for your child to have feelings of homesickness when going off to camp for the first time. Learn how you can help prepare your child for overnight camp and give them the strength to overcome their anxiety while they are away...

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Search Summer Camps!

Ready to start the search for summer camps in the area? Find great options for co-ed Saratoga summer camps, camps for teens, sports camps and more when you browse our completely local Saratoga summer camp directory!

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