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Take a Train Ride through the Adirondacks!


We live in a beautiful region of New York State, but sometimes we don't get to relax and see it all. Now you can take a leisurely old-fashioned journey through the scenic Adirondacks aboard the Saratoga and North Creek Railway.

Beginning Saturday, July 23, you can take the tracks both ways between North Creek and Saratoga Springs.

Ride the train as a classic excursion to enjoy the wilderness around you, or use the luxurious transportation in a visit to any of the seven stops along the route. Passengers traveling to and from New York City can easily take advantage of the rural-woods-and-urban-jungle transfer at Saratoga Station.

There are two ways to travel in style on the railway - coach and dome car seating. Coach seating is available in comfortable, roomy cars, with on-train food service to enjoy alongside the idyllic landscape out the window.

Dome cars carry two levels of seating beneath a glass-domed ceiling. Passengers can enjoy tableside food and beverage service here as well as they fully take in the mountain scenery.

The train is equipped with restrooms, heating and air conditioning. A one-way pass is $27 for Dome cars and $13 for Coach, while an all-day pass is $40 for Dome and $19 for Coach.

Travel like they did back in the day among the wild masterpieces of the Adirondacks - take a loved one, a gang of friends, or the whole family through a ride full of wonder and sights you'll never forget!

To purchase tickets, go to www.sncrr.com, or call (877) 726-7245. For more information, email info@sncrr.

When is the last time you were ever on a train? Do you think you'll try the Saratoga and North Creek Railway? Tell us everything!

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does it leave from Saratoga all year

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