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Enjoy a Movie Screening at the Malta Drive-In Theatre

Since opening in 1949, the Malta Drive-In Theatre has been a popular spot for friends and family in the Capital Region. The local drive-in theatre kicked off their 2021 season on April 23 - 25.

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Plan Your Next Trip to the Malta Drive-In Theatre

The Malta Drive-In Theatre is located about one mile south of Exit 13S of the Adirondack Northway, and it's easily identifiable by its large flashing marquee. At the theatre, you can enjoy double features on two screens this season.


Regular admission prices are $10 for adult tickets (ages 12 and older), and $5 for children tickets (ages 11 and under).

Rules of Operation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are new protocols and guidelines at the Malta Drive-In Theatre. These measures are taken to protect the safety of employees and guests, and they will be reviewed and modified weekly as conditions change.

Box Office

The Malta Drive-In Theatre strongly encourages guests to use credit card and contactless payment transactions with the gloved and masked staff at the ticket booth. Attendance will be capped at 50%, and guests should bring a portable radio or listen to the movie using their car audio system.

Parking and Viewing

Please park your vehicle in the middle of adjacent poles to allow for 12 feet between cars. Guests should watch the movies from inside their vehicle (in seats, through an open hatchback, or from a pickup truck bed). The theatre will allow two lawn chairs between your vehicle and the screen, but masks must be worn while outside the vehicle. Movement outside the vehicle should also be restricted to travel to restrooms and the snack bar.

Note: The playground will be closed until further notice.


Everyone who wants to use the restroom must wear a mask or they will not be allowed entry by the attendant. Every other stall and sink will be blocked, and you must wash your hands. Restrooms will be sanitized frequently.


The concessions stand offers a variety of food, including pizza, chicken, candy, and popcorn. Only one person of a party should pick up food orders, and masks must be worn by all. The theatre currently has a zero garbage policy. Guests must discard trash in the dumpster, the box office trash corral, or bring it home with you.

Note: You can purchase a food and beverage permit for $5 and bring in food and beverages from home.

Location & Contact Info

2785 Route U.S. 9
Malta, NY 12020
1 mile south of Exit 13S off the Adirondack Northway

Head to Malta with friends or family, and enjoy the shows!

For more info and the latest updates, visit their Facebook page or website.

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