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State Seal Spring

Joseph L Bruno Pavilion Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
pavilion protecting state seal spring
group of people filling jugs with water from a spring
people filling jugs with water from a spring
woman filling a large jug with water from a spring
state seal water analysis certificate


State Seal Spring is located on the Avenue of the Pines, under the Joseph Bruno Pavilion.

By the 20th century, Saratoga's waters and spa were celebrated throughout the nation. Tourists to Saratoga and the public at large were pursuing a healthy lifestyle that included a proper diet and exercise. Even Theodore Roosevelt was an ardent promoter of exercise. In 1900, when he was Vice President, he wrote a book entitled The Strenuous Life. It was in this environment that health enthusiasts began to seek waters that would promote health both internally and externally. The search for a drinking water that was pure and ideal for salt-free diets, and healthy diets in general, led to the discovery of State Seal Water in the State Reservation at Saratoga Springs.

In 1915, chemist Herbert (Doc) Ant of the State Reservation at Saratoga Springs sampled 15 different springs of still water to find a nutritional, good-tasting drinking water to quench public demand. After careful research, Ant discovered a water that had a strong taste appeal and was ideal for low-salt diets. Doctor Ant's water was bottled and commercially sold as "Saratoga State Seal Water."

In 2002, the popular State Seal Spring was moved across the street from its earlier location. This provided easier access, parking and protection in all types of weather for the countless numbers of people who collect the water.

Note to visitors: After inadequate water pressure caused the State Seal Fountain to be closed for a few months, it is now up-and-running again as of 1/24/17.

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4 reviews from our community

Is the Spring running again? I went yesterday and there was a sign saying it was out of order. Thx in advance.

FYI, it’s not running today. Wish there was a way to know this before driving all the way here.

I was there this morning and a woman was letting her dog lick the spigots while drinking water. I called the park office and they said I could wipe the spigot with an alcohol wipe before filling my water jugs and it wouldn’t affect the metal. FYI

Been using water for 6-7 years now. Daughter got me aware of it. Last time over there it was frozen. Are they okay now???

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