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Saratoga Chowderfest Photos

For over 20 years, Saratoga Chowderfest has been one of the biggest annual events in downtown Saratoga Springs! Never attended? We've put together a gallery of some past Chowderfest photos so you will know what to expect at this fun and food-filled festival.

Large Crowd

chowderfest attendees

A Serving Table

serving tables at chowderfest
Photo Credit: John Ess

Longer Lines on Sunny Side of the Street

Photo Credit: John Ess
lines of people in downtown saratoga

In Front of Roohan Realty

woman with face in roohan reality display

"How bout a little of that chowda down here?"

Photo Credit: John Ess
dog looking up at chowder

Phish Food Chowder at Ben & Jerry's

a woman eating chowder from ben and jerry's

Downtown Broadway

large building near road

Dog Chowder

a dog bowl with chowder

Enjoying Chowder Indoors

man with glasses eating small cup of chowder

Chowder at Hattie's

big crowd inside restaurant

logo for chowderfest organizer

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