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Tips for Traveling with Pets in Saratoga

Dog Traveling in a CarIf you're someone who can't stand to leave your pet at home with a sitter, or to board them up in a kennel, then come to Saratoga! No matter the time of year, Saratoga Springs is a great destination to bring your pets.

Travel Preparation

  • Prep for the drive: Make sure your pet is ready for the car ride. Take your pet on a few short car rides around town to get used to the experience.
  • Choose the right accommodations: Check out pet-friendly lodging in Saratoga for the right establishment for you and your furry friend.
  • Be wary of fees: Ask up front if there are any additional pet-fees or deposits before making your reservation.
  • See where you will be staying: Ask the hotel what the pet-friendly rooms actually entail. Some limit the pet-friendly rooms to ones that offer smoking or have limited views.
  • Find out what services are offered: Will your pet be needing pet sitting/dog walking or grooming while you're in town? Check beforehand!

Traveling with Pets in Saratoga

Now that you've found the ideal Saratoga lodging that caters to your pet, it's time to have fun! There are many excursions and activities you can do with your pets:

  • Pet shops: Pet boutiques and more pet-related businesses in Saratoga are a great place to start. Find a specialty shop that caters specifically to pets - they're loaded with goodies and accessories.
  • The park: Check out pet-friendly parks in Saratoga. Let your pet sniff, play, run, and get some sun!
  • Broadway: Stroll down Broadway and you'll see many residents and visitors walking with their beloved pets! If the park isn't your scene and you want to check out what the city has to offer, definitely head down this main street in Saratoga.
  • Dining: There's no need to leave your pet with a pet-sitter or at the hotel when going out to eat, as there are so many great pet-friendly dining options in Saratoga.