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Celebration Gained National Media Attention

The Saratoga 150 celebration gained media attention, and not just locally!

The event, held in 2013 and featuring a long list of events, highlighted the history of the Saratoga Race Course and celebrate its 150th anniversary.

The Spa city is no stranger to the headlines, but the garnered attention helped make the highly anticipated event a success!

Forbes Featured Saratoga Race Course in Recent Review

Forbes columnist Larry Olmsted visited the Saratoga Race Course as preview of Saratoga 150. Olmsted noted the "classic equestrian" feel "that will delight both horse racing fans and anyone who enjoys a good time."

With admission at bargain prices, the Saratoga Race Course gave you the Kentucky Derby feel without breaking the bank. The community at the raceway set the tone for a great summer experience with "a feel-good tailgate party aesthetic." The Saratoga Race Course offered visitors an intimate and charming atmosphere, making Saratoga 150 a truly unique summer outing.

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Saratoga 150 Event Highlighted in Associated Press Article

Named "America's most successful racetrack," Associated Press documented the historical upbringings of the Saratoga Race Course. Over the last century and a half "Saratoga's racing season became intertwined with America's sporting and cultural fabric." With its inception on Aug. 3, 1863, the Saratoga 150 summer events marked an important cultural landmark.

"In this world-famous thoroughbred racing hotbed, the four-legged stars who have drawn people here since the bloodiest days of the Civil War actually took third billing coming out of the 19th-century tourism starting gate, trailing the resort spas and the casinos that offered visitors a diversion in between the taking of the waters."

A much appreciated look at one of our local legacies, an important community event for Saratogians and nation racetrack-goers looking for an upstate adventure!

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The Business Review & Palm Beach Daily Sun Featured Marylou Whitney Advertisement

Both the Business Review and The Palm Beach Daily Sun featured Saratoga 150 focusing on an advertisement. The ad, produced by Carr-Hughes Productions - an Emmy Award Winning production firm in Saratoga - featured Marylou Whitney poking fun at herself, saying "I think the only thing older than me in Saratoga is the race track."

The Palm Beach Daily Sun was impressed. "Most women with an exalted place in society would never, ever poke gentle fun at themselves."

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