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Chris Farrell of Farrell Oil

President of Farrell Oil, Chris FarrellFor over thirty years, Farrell Oil has helped Saratoga transit operations, car dealerships and other automotive-related businesses in and around Saratoga Springs operate smoothly and profitably. This successful family-run business is currently under the leadership of company president and Saratoga native Chris Farrell, who took over daily operations from his father in 1992. In his interview with, this busy father of four shares information about his company as well as his views on the importance of community involvement and the current oil situation in the world.

An Interview With Saratoga Business Owner, Chris Farrell

1. How long has Farrell Oil been in business?

Farrell Oil is celebrating our 30th year in business this year!

2. How did you get into the oil business?

The business was started by my father back in 1977 and I guess you can say that my interest just grew over time. I worked at Farrell Oil throughout the summer months in my high school years delivering products and helping out in the warehouse as needed. In my final year of high school, I was on a work release program which allowed me to leave school at 1:30 in order to pursue my interest in the business. After graduating college with a business degree in 1992, my father was looking to slow down at this point, so it was actually a perfect fit for the both of us.

3. How does Farrell Oil benefit Saratogians?

Farrell Oil benefits Saratogians with our contributions to many of the area organizations that help make Saratoga a great place to live! Community involvement is very important when operating a business and it gives you the opportunity to give back to those that have helped contribute to your success. But more importantly, it brings individuals and families together for the greater good, which is what it's all about.

4. When you drive through Saratoga, how do you see Farrell Oil represented?

When I see school buses or DPW trucks, car dealers or quick lubes, I can take great pride in knowing that our company is delivering the products making their operation run profitably.

5. What kind of products do you handle?

We handle motor oil, hydraulic oil, greases, gear lubes, anti-freeze, washer fluids, car cleaning and detail products along with many other automotive items.

6. How do the products arrive at your warehouses?

All oil arrives in either a tractor trailer or a tank truck. The tractor trailers bring all our packaged products, from cases of goods that you find on store shelves, to 120 lb. kegs of grease or gear oil used by our various fleet accounts. All tank trucks hold 6,700 gallons or the equivalent of 122 drums which are pumped directly into our bulk storage containers on site.

7. How many barrels of oil do you pump per day?

We don't pump as many drums as we used to because most of our oil is delivered within bulk trucks directly into our customers tanks.

8. What weight or grade of oil is it?

Motor oils are usually a 5W20, 5W30 or 10W30. Our fleet accounts usually receive a 15W40 or 30W and we also pump different hydraulic fluids and automatic transmission fluids.

9. What do you think about the current oil situation in the world?

I would certainly like to see the US become less dependent on foreign oil, which can and will need to be done sooner than later. One way to do this is to increase the amounts of ethanol that are used in our fuels. Brazil has done this very effectively and by law all gasoline sold must contain a minimum of 25 percent ethanol. We can learn from Brazil in that their ethanol program has displaced imported oil worth $120 billion. This would be comparable to a savings of almost $2 trillion for a US-sized economy.

10. What does Saratoga mean to you?

Saratoga means many things to me having lived here for the past 30 years. It means knowing my children are going to one of the top schools in the state, it means we have a viable economy, a Historic Race Course, community involvement, restaurants, shopping, golf -- just an all around great place to live.

11. When you have a day off, how do you spend your time?

With 4 children ages 10, 7, 5 and 3, I am usually just trying to be a Dad.