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Chianti Moves To The Lofts In Saratoga

Chianti il Ristorante Opens New Location April 11, 2008

David Zecchini 's Chianti il Ristorante moved from South Broadway to The Lofts at 18 Division Street on April 11, 2008. After 10 years of operating at its original location, Chianti moves to The Lofts in keeping with the restaurant's first rate appeal and vision.

What's new besides location? The restaurant can now seat 110 diners, 40 more than its former location. New menu items have been added. The wine list received over 120 new labels, growing to a total of about 360 selections. An extremely rare bronze door panel (sent from Zecchini's mother in Rome), which depicts the Biblical crucifixion scene, has caused buzz among visitors for its beauty and rarity. Customers are also pleased by lower menu prices, which comes as a surprise when compared to rising restaurant prices across the nation.

New upscale location... lower prices? It's true. No menu item at the new Chianti will cost more than $24, a price ceiling about $10 less than it had previously been. Chianti has lowered their menu prices as a means to encourage repeat business. Zecchini admits he would rather have guests come a couple of times a week than once a month. Lower prices will certainly encourage that.

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