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Mineral Makeup

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Digging Minerals

"Be sure to check the label, since "mineral makeup" has become a catch phrase and doesn't mean that only minerals are contained in the formula..."

In the spring, we feel inspired to create anew: whether that's making a change in our wardrobe, trying a new service, a new hairdo, or refreshing our look with some new makeup. And , when it comes to makeup, one word keeps surfacing: Minerals.

Women want to know more so, here are some of the most popular questions that I'm being asked:

What's the latest and greatest in makeup? I keep seeing minerals -- fill me in!

For a host of important reasons including product sensitivity and an overall desire to use more healthful products, many women today are switching to mineral makeup from traditional powder, cream, and liquid foundation. It's part of a greater trend towards natural and organic products that do not contain substances like preservatives.

Is all mineral makeup the same?

Not all mineral makeup is created the same. When shopping for a good brand, it's important to note that less is more. In other words, an ingredient list a few inches thick is not a good thing. In general, the less ingredients, the better. Mineral makeup need only contain minerals. It does not need talc or other fillers. It doesn't need preservatives since it's made from minerals and minerals cannot support bacterial growth. Be sure to check the label, since "mineral makeup" has become a catch phrase and doesn't mean that only minerals are contained in the formula.

Why should I use mineral makeup?

There are many benefits to mineral makeup. It is more forgiving with skin tone and therefore easier to match, blends without difficulty, provides some sun protection by its nature and, as already noted, doesn't grow bacteria. Since it does not contain oil in powder form, it is favored by women with oilier or problem complexions. It's also excellent for women with sensitive skin, a condition that is more common today.

How do I apply mineral makeup? What do I use?

Mineral makeup can be applied with a brush or a sponge. One popular brush type is a kabuki, which is a flat topped utensil. This brush is good for applying a heavy application of powder. A tapered foundation brush is another popular, good choice and will do a nice job blending the material, while an angled brush works nicely for blush.

However, no matter which type you choose, it's a good idea to tap off your brush on the side of the jar after lifting the powder, since there is usually an excess of mineral on the brush. Remember to wash your brush every few days to avoid contamination, since the brush will pick up oils from your skin and dust from the air.

Flocked sponges -- those with a soft, padded surface -- are also excellent for mineral powder makeup application as they hold the powder well, allow for good coverage and are suited for smooth blending. It's important to note that excessive manipulation of the product on the skin can cause the color to become grayed, so be careful not to move the powder around too much after you've applied it to your skin.

What sort of products can I find in a mineral makeup line?

Mineral makeup is most often found in loose powder form, though it is also available pressed, as a cream and a liquid. The powder can be combined with moisturizer to make it into a cream. People who have dryer skin types may prefer a liquid foundation type as it provides more hydration.

Minerals also come in a host of finishes from matte to shimmery and everything in between. Matte or semi matte is best for more mature skin since it shows less wrinkling. It's also preferred for photography as there is less shine.

Minerals can be layered to provide better coverage and come in a host of products including foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, and lipstick. Some companies, like Bare Escentuals have a two-step foundation process that comes with a base and a veil that is worn over it, while others like Everyday Minerals combine the two in one formula.

It's no wonder that mineral makeup is becoming so popular: it's cost effective, healthy for the skin, and provides some sun protection, though the exact amount will vary from company to company. Most women enjoy its light consistency and silky feel. It's a good idea to consult a professional - like an aesthetician - who can help you choose the right shade and formula for your unique skin and show you how to apply it.

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