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Rights Of Spring!

The signs of the spring season are already here! This article is brought to you by Reisa Mehlman, Director at Living Well Healing Arts Center & Spa in Ballston Spa Village NY. Visit their website for a list of healthful and relaxing services, great gift ideas and more.

What's blue + yellow and right around the corner?

"When we clean out, we make room for new growth."

While out getting the mail yesterday, I detected it: A faint sweetness, a hint of what's to come, a mild waft of things stirring ready to burst forth. Yes, you guessed it! It's spring. Simmering slowly as the sun warms this crock pot Earth, serving up a new season chock full of fresh starts, warmer breezes and sunnier days.

With spring comes a feeling of rebirth. Reenergized, we are more apt to be out of doors. As the seedling lifts upward, so do our spirits rise with the promise of longer days. As we shed our over coats, so too, can we shed the heavier mood of cold to embrace the warmth and feel the sun upon our skin.

Spring is a great time to focus on rejuvenation. We feel inspired to take on a new class, or start a new routine. It's a great time to do some house cleaning: within and without. When we clean out, we make room for new growth.

So, what can we lose?

Clutter ~ Prune those closets! Recycle those clothes that don't fit anymore and you'll feel lighter. You can donate them to charity and make more room for yourself. Being organized helps us to feel like we have control over our environment and it's always a positive influence upon our lives to exercise control over things that we actually can control.

Dead Skin Cells ~ Spring cleaning is not only for your nest! In order to help your complexion to look and feel its best, it's important to rid ourselves of that top layer of dead skin cells which blocks our pores and make our skin look dull. It's like your front door: if there's a whole bunch of debris blocking it, nothing can get in or out. So, out with the old, in with the new.

Old Habits ~ Sunshine warms our spirits. Do something nice for yourself. Make new tracks in your own garden. Focus on creating. By taking steps, you'll make strides and with each pace, you'll move farther onwards to a new adventure.

What can we gain?

The Power of Now ~ Try this: Take a moment, inhale, and close your eyes. This is what living feels like. One minute ago is a memory, one minute ahead is a possibility, but now - this very moment, is the prize. Savor it. Practice this and live in this world of moment to moment creation.

A Sunny Disposition ~ Take heed from the sun and shine in your own personal universe! Think of your attitude as if it were a crayon that will color your world's atmosphere. What color are you holding now?

Wellness ~ Health now is about being proactive. Read up. Try something new, whether that's yoga, meditation or acupuncture. Treat the cause and you will treat the symptom.

So, we add a little of this and a little of that to the crock pot; we season it with spring color , and we become aware of the power we have to influence the canvas of our lives. (Hint: Blue + Yellow = Green!) Happy spring!

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Living Well Healing Arts CenterReisa Mehlman
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