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Juicy Burgers & More

Juicy Burgers & Steaks LogoJuicy Burgers & More is the popular new burger joint, located at Milton Plaza in Ballston Spa NY, where you can sink your teeth into the juciest steak burgers around -- including ones you build yourself!

Here we sit down with Bobby Mitchell from Juicy Burgers for a 10 Questions Interview.

1. What makes your burgers so 'juicy'?

We cook all our steak burgers in our specially designed 1800 degree over-fired broiler. We do have some other cooking techniques which create a truly Juicy Burger.

2. Who is your ideal customer?

We have a broad range of guests in our "come as you are" restaurant. We serve everyone from families to the business professional. Many of our guests are looking for convenience at a reasonable price in a clean, comfortable and casual dining environment.

3. What kinds of food do you serve?

We serve a wide range of steak burgers including our most popular steak burger which is called the "Build a Burger". This allows the guest to custom build a steak burger to their specifications with any of the toppings we have available. Sometimes I have to use a 8 inch bamboo skewer to hold them upright! They look great. We also serve a wide range of entree sized protein salads which include options such as sliced sirloin, chicken, seared ahi tuna, shrimp and of course a Juicy Burger.

4. How does the ordering process work?

We have many ordering options to accommodate our guests' needs. For our guests who choose to dine in the restaurant, they can order at the counter with the cashier or they have the option of ordering themselves via a self serve order entry computer terminal. For our guests not at the restaurant, they can order online at Guests can also phone in orders at 518-884-0033 as well as fax in orders at 518-884-0035.

5. What makes your venue unique from other local restaurants?

We serve a truly Juicy Burger! We offer great products, convenience, value for the product you receive and we have plenty of parking. Juicy Burgers & More is great for guests that are always on the go. We serve quality, cooked-to-order steak burgers, and salads made to order. All our USDA Choice steak burgers are ground sirloin and chuck beef. We use no fillers in our steak burgers. All of our steak burgers are fresh and never frozen.

6. Do you think it will be a big hit with the local crowd?

Yes. Our guests have been extremely satisfied with our new restaurant concept. The guests are noticing the quality products we offer. It is a great feeling to see new guests and numerous returning guests everyday. At Juicy Burgers & More, our satisfied guests are the most important part of our business.

7. Your tagline is "So rare, yet so well done" - who thought of that?

I came up with that slogan. I felt it was a great fit for the main product we are offering.

8. What is your secret ingredient to goodness?

You must cook your food with love and passion.

9. What would you tell a meat lover who says, "I just can't find a good burger joint around here."?

I would invite them in to try a Juicy Burger; I know they won't be let down. Our Juicy Burgers are a superior product.

10. What would you tell a vegetarian?

Lets build a entree sized salad to your specifications. I have some guests who have never had a Juicy Burger, but they keep coming back and building salads.