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Mack Brook Farm

Mack Brook Farm LogoKaren Christensen from Mack Brook Farm sits down with for a 10 Questions interview. Mack Brook Farm is a small, family-owned farm in Argyle NY. They produce 100% grassfed angus beef, available for purchase directly from the farm.

1. Are you native to this area?

Kevin was born and raised on this farm. I moved to the farm 5 years ago after 30 years of living in metropolitan New York City and Boston. The lifestyle change has been a happy one.

2. What makes your business so unique?

The grassfed beef industry is new enough not to be standardized. The predominant model is one where a farmer raises calves based on a contracted protocol and sells them to another farmer who 'finishes' them for sale to a final customer.

We follow our own model. Our animals are born and raised on our farm. Kevin enjoys genetics and we spend a lot of time researching bulls to constantly improve the herd. This is not the most cost-effective model but spring calving is a delightful time on the farm that we wouldn't want to give up.

3. What do you look for in a bull?

We look for Angus bulls that have 'heritage breed' characteristics so that they 'finish' better on grass. Genetics and feed are the determining factors for taste and tenderness.

4. How large is your farm?

We have over 300 acres.

5. What do you feed your animals?

Our animals eat only grass from our pastures and hay from our fields.

6. What is the farm's history?

Kevin's grandfather bought this farm in the 1920's. Kevin was born and raised on the farm. His two sons have houses on the property as well, making it a four-generation farm.

7.Why is grassfed beef better?

Eating beef raised on pasture grasses and hay has many health benefits, including less fat, more Omega-3, more vitamin E and other benefits. Besides offering more nutritional value, grassfed beef tastes much better and it's better for the environment! learn more...

8. What inspires you?

We started with beef cows to keep the pastures in good condition never thinking it would become our livelihood. As we went to seminars and did research on this method of farming we became passionate food activists proud to be part of the new food movement.

9. How do you ensure happy customers?

We ensure happy customers by providing a delicious, healthful product. We love having our customers come to the farm and enjoy sharing what we've learned about the benefits to people, animals, and the earth from using these new 'old' methods of production.

10. What is something people might not know about you?

Kevin started out as a dairy farmer and I worked in an art museum in Boston as a Museum Teacher specializing in Early Italian Renaissance paintings.

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