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Northern Pines Estates MHC LLC

3901 Lewis Road Lot 100
Ballston Spa, NY 12020


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2 reviews from our community

The park holds certain people to rules and then let's other people get away with doing whatever they want. The maintenance man thinks he is the sheriff and rides around in his truck screaming at people and trying to tell them what they can and can't do which is not his job it is the park managers job to enforce the rules. The maintenance man also likes to scream at young women and threaten them. When I first moved in they offered all kinds of services and as the years pass all the services have been taken away. They raise the rent to the allowable max every year and so you get less for the more you pay. They refuse to cut down dangerous trees and fix the roads. They also do a terrible job plowing and never salted the roads once last year it was a skating rink all winter . The water constantly gets shut off for days at a time and they offer you one gallon of bottled water like anyone can survive on one gàllon the new park manager is a 20 year old self righteous woman who talks down to everyone and as soon as you ask a question she belittles you and is just straight up mean and nasty. It's a shame because it used to be a very nice place to live but not anymore would never recommend anyone move in that dump of a place with terrible management

Management is terrible there. The new owner/s suck. The park is awful now it's really insane the severity of the rules these people have created they even put up fake little street signs that nobody at all follows. The maintenance man of the park is on a SERIOUS power trip like its pretty pathetic actually he singles people out to be nasty to and report them for any and every little thing the lady of the park has done things just as bad and you cant do any thing there not even have your freedom and basic human rights! A lot of long term residents have moved out of there not wanting to put up with it any longer. I dont blame them. I grew up there and I left too.. Events

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