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Northway Animal Emergency Clinic

35 Fawn Rd.
Gansevoort, NY 12831


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I'd leave a zero if allowed. Our Vet referred us here for our 10 year old cat, Roscoe as they were in surgery all day on Friday Jan 27th, 2023. We got to this hospital and 2 technicians came out to tell us they couldn't see our cat as "The Vet had to leave as her shift was ending in 20 min". Now take in mind their hours on Friday are 8 A.M-8 P.M and animal care is supposed to be an oath and priority or so I thought and our poor baby couldn't breathe and was dying. The idiotic technician even told us he was fine because "his gums were nice and pink". You can see that through a dark crate and my cat is pure black? NO! THEY REFUSED HIM CARE AND WE LOST HIM!!! We were stunned we were refused service when it would have taken a lousy 5 of her 20 mins to tell he was in serious trouble and she could have euthanized him to spare him all that pain and suffering. We are furious and devastated by our loss. We loved him. We took him to the Latham 24/7 animal hospital. He was suffering from Plural effusion and he was dying. His gums were "NOT pink" and he was immediately given comfort measures as he was so scared and panicked since he couldn't get a breath. There was nothing they could do and he had to be put to sleep after they anesthetized him because as soon as they took him out of his oxygen tank, he had trouble and they didn't want him to suffer. Northway Animal Hosp COULD have and SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A MINUTE TO SEE HIM. Shame on you! If a dying, suffering animal can't get a Vet to look at him with her 20 mins on the clock, good luck going here people! I state this loudly. Save your poor animals the stress. Save yourself the trouble. Go to Latham. It ACTUALLY IS 24/7.
Joseph and Staci Tasso per our devastating loss Roscoe Tasso. Thanks for nothing. (Roscoe thanks you too for all your dedication to animals and making him a priority with an empty waiting room and noone there and not caring that he couldn't breathe). Latham was awesome to him and I'm grateful for their comfort measures. I'll be calling the manager Monday. Can't wait.

Excellent service. Staff were patient, kind and compassionate. Especially for the day after Christmas with a ton of patients and only one doctor. Took the time to go over all the details of my animal's illness. Events

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