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A Holiday Celebration Like No Other: Attend Greenwich’s Lighted Tractor Parade

Editor's Note (9/18/2020): This event is canceled for 2020. The Village plans to put out lighted tractors around and host additional holiday activities. The following details are from the 2019 Holiday Lighted Tractor Parade.

Did you know one of the most magical events of the holidays is held in a small village near Saratoga? We’re talking about Greenwich’s Lighted Tractor Parade, which has become the area’s unofficial kick-off to the holiday season.

Each year this dazzling parade brings together friends and family in downtown Greenwich for an unforgettable night of lights, food, and holiday cheer. Here's why we continue to attend this festive event, and why you should this year too.

tractor with holiday lights

The Tractors Are Coming, The Tractors Are Coming

Get ready for lights, lights, and more lights! The annual Holiday Lighted Tractor Parade is all about illuminating the night with thousands of colorful and twinkling lights. Tractors both big and small are a part of this parade, and each one must have a minimum of 1,000 lights on it.

tractor parade lights display

When this parade of lights begins, over 70 tractors decorated with holiday lights travel from Greenwich Central School into the heart of the village where families wait in anticipation.

There's nothing more exciting than standing on the sidewalk and seeing the line of lighted tractors finally come into view. You'll feel surrounded by the spirit of the holidays as kids scream with delight and adults stand in awe as the parade passes by.

Around 5,000 spectators come to witness this holiday season tradition in Greenwich, and the number continues to grow year after year.

Food? Check! Festival Atmosphere? Check!

tractor parade

While the beautifully lighted tractors are the main attraction, visitors can also find food and souvenir vendors lined up along the parade route. This is a community-supported event, so all kinds of local businesses get involved in the festivities.

From food trucks to sweet treats and more, you can have a great time just checking out all the delicious options available. And before you leave the parade, don't forget to pick up a unique souvenir to take home.

It Takes A Village To Run The Tractor Parade

Presented by the Greater Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, the Holiday Lighted Tractor Parade can return every year thanks to the help of local sponsors. Not only that, but in October 2018, the Chamber won a Tourism Excellence Award for the tractor parade, which reflects how big this community event has become.

Want A Preview? Check Out This Video Of A Past Parade

Greenwich Lighted Tractor Parade from Mark Solomon on Vimeo.

Mark Your Calendar For This Year's Parade

tractor parade

The 2019 Holiday Lighted Tractor Parade will take place on Saturday, November 23 at 6:00pm. The parade will travel from Greenwich Central School to Church Street and then east along Main Street in Greenwich.

Remember to arrive early, pick a spot to watch the parade, and enjoy the show!

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