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The Whitney Viewing Stand

Have you been to the Whitney Viewing Stand yet? It's located at the Oklahoma Training Track where the horses work out in the morning and it allows fans a picturesque view of these horses as they gear up for the races.

whitney viewing stand saratoga springs

The Whitney Viewing Stand is modeled after the 1892 Judges Stand at the Saratoga Race Course. It was constructed in 2013 to allow fans a chance to see an amazing view of the horses in training at the Oklahoma Training Track.

You can access the Whitney Viewing Stand from the East Avenue gate.

Behind the Name

The stand is named for the well-known Whitney family. Philanthropist and socialite Marie Louise "Marylou" Whitney is considered by many to be the "Grand Dame of Saratoga" or even the "Queen of Saratoga."

Her commitment to the Saratoga Race Course and the surrounding community is unparalleled. Among other contributions, she co-founded the National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame and she was a part of the group that founded SPAC.

Whitney Viewing Stand Hours

The Whitney Viewing Stand is open during the summer meet from 6am to 10:30am. You'll find a representative on hand to answer questions.

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