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Enhance Your New Saratoga Area Home With an Outdoor Living Space

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After over a year of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have reassessed their current living situation. They've realized that living space is not just confined to the walls around you, and as a result, outdoor living spaces such as backyards, patios, and screen porches have become particularly popular among new home buyers.

To learn more about this growing trend, we talked with Belmonte Builders in Clifton Park, a local home builder that has constructed and customized dream homes for over 40 years.

view of side of a red house and a brick patio with chairs

Outdoor Living Spaces Have Become More Valuable Than Ever Before

"During the past year's lockdown, being able to spend time outdoors gave people a much-needed escape from confinement," explained Mike Lust, Director of Sales at Belmonte Builders. "Our customers have always been interested in outdoor spaces, but COVID has made it more important."

Outdoor living spaces have become more than just places to relax as homeowners use them for a plethora of activities, from remote working to working out and dining. The appeal of these types of spaces has grown as people think about what they want to have if they're at home for an extended period of time.

exterior of house and patio with tables and chairs

In response to this trend, Belmonte Builders offers a variety of options for new home buyers, including spacious decks, patios with a fire pit, and outdoor kitchens. Are you interested in a new home with an outdoor living space? Check out some of the most popular types below and find out how Belmonte can help make your house a reality.

Enjoy the Comfort & Convenience of a Custom-Made Screen Porch

large porch with furniture

A private spot where you can unwind. Fresh air, no bugs. A functional, flexible living space. There are many benefits to having a screen porch, and as more people want to spend time outside, it's no surprise that new home buyers are asking about them.

"Screen porches are a great way to add to a home's living space and they are flexible, Lust told us. "They can be used in a lot of ways based on your need[s] - as an extension of the kitchen for dining, a home office, or simply a great place to relax and enjoy your favorite beverage with the occasional cigar."

left image of belmonte builders logo and right image of a screen porch

When you hire Belmonte Builders to construct your new home, you can choose from two types of construction for your custom-made screen porch. They offer a natural pressure-treated wood option that is more casual and affordable (pictured above), and a painted MiraTEC wrap featuring cleaner lines and a very sophisticated look (this option costs $5,000 more). Both come with treated lumber decking and maintenance-free white vinyl ceilings, and either one would be a beautiful addition to a house.

Home buyers can also request removable plexiglass inserts, which offer protection from the elements, as well as ceiling fans and multiple electrical outlets. You'll be able to use your screen porch as a dining room, home office, another TV room, or just your happy place.

Transform the Backyard Into Your Own Slice of Paradise With a Patio

paver patio with furniture and a fireplace

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, backyards, patios, and decks have served as everything from office spaces to classrooms, gyms, and happy hour spots for homeowners. Now, new home buyers are looking to get in on this growing trend by purchasing a house with one of these outdoor living spaces.

Many people want this space to reflect their personal style and be as inviting as the home's interior. Decorative paver patios have been a top choice among Belmonte Builders' customers, and according to Lust, "About half of our homeowners add a screen porch with a patio for their true outdoor space. But even if they choose not to add a screen porch, they are adding paver patios as their outdoor space."

a paver patio with a fire pit

What makes paver patios special is that homeowners can personalize the space to fit their needs, whether they want built-in seating, a fire pit, or even an outdoor kitchen or bar. In addition, if you're planning to work remotely, you can customize your patio to include outdoor internet access, USB ports, and electrical outlets. You'll be able to work outdoors comfortably and use your decorative patio and backyard as the backdrop for video conference calls.

Take the Next Step Toward Your Dream Home

"Our goal is to keep up with the ever-changing trends so that we can provide a variety of the best options for outdoor living spaces for our new home buyers," said Lindsey Belmonte, Vice President of Customer Relations at Belmonte Builders. As such, they are ready to customize a floor plan featuring your preferred outdoor living space.

Belmonte manages new home communities and vibrant neighborhoods throughout the Saratoga area, and home buyers can choose an available lot at one of them, decide on a floor plan and additions, and let the builder handle the construction. Before you know it, your new home and outdoor living space will be ready for you to move in.

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