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Where to Go for the Best Italian Food In & Near Saratoga Springs

Dining out at an Italian restaurant connects us to family and friends while allowing us to enjoy some of the best dishes around. Whether you want to pair your wine to a meal or spend a night out with someone, check out these places for the best Italian food in and near Saratoga Springs, NY.

Wheatfields Restaurant: In the Heart of Downtown Saratoga

Pasta at Wheatfields

Experience the beauty of downtown Saratoga and fall in love with Wheatfields Restaurant’s specialty woodstone pizzas. Not interested in pizza? Wheatfields is also known for its farm to table produce and fresh pasta. There is an abundance of Italian appetizers, entrees, and desserts to choose from.

Wheatfields also runs their own happy hour from 3 - 7 PM starting on Tuesday until Friday. Drinks are 50% off and customers receive complimentary bar cheese and fried pasta snacks. Is there any better way to end a day from working? Wheatfields seems to solve that answer for you!

Forno Bistro: Dining in Saratoga’s Historic Fire Department

person grating cheese over arancini

Have you ever thought about eating in a historic establishment? Forno Bistro is unique with their dining, being built within Saratoga’s old fire department. Other than historic, Forno Bistro features some of the finest dishes for Italian food.

Their menu offers options for meat lovers, vegetarians, and gluten sensitive individuals. Forno is open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner.

Chianti il Ristorante: Off the Beaten Path

a white dish with pasta and creamy tomato sauce

Chianti il Ristorante is just a skip away from the busy street of Broadway in downtown Saratoga. Offering Northern Italian dishes, this is not a place to miss!

Want to pair your food with wine? Chianti has some of the best options for wine, either by the glass or in a bottle. Aperitivo Happy Hour might be an even better choice, offering wine and food specials. This runs daily from 4:30 to 6 PM.

Not convinced yet? Maybe this Google review will further persuade you to take a visit to Chianti’s restaurant: “Overall 9.5/10..I go out to eat all the time and this place was just different.”

Augie’s Family Style Italian Restaurant: Hearty Portions & Quality Ingredients

augies seafood

If you’re in need of some of the tastiest family style Italian food, then Augie’s is the place for you. These dishes are inspired by family cooking, which makes you feel at home whether you decide to dine in or take out. By featuring some of the highest quality ingredients, each customer will be satisfied with their order.

As one Google reviewer states, “great for family reunions or special occasions.” If you’d rather spend time with your family watching Sunday sports, Augie’s has you covered. They offer fantastic meals for takeout and catering as well.

Pennell’s: A Historical Specialty

clams and tomato sauce, and chicken parm

Pennell’s is one of those restaurants that stands the test of time for the incredible food they serve. Being open since 1922, they have been offering food to all walks of life in our local Saratoga area.

Helen Edelman said this about Pennell’s in a Simply Saratoga article: “...everyone’s heard of it and most have been there, because it’s a landmark of the Saratoga Springs dining experience.”

Other than historic, how could it stay open unless it had great food to offer? There is a variety of food to choose from at this establishment, from seafood appetizers to different kinds of parmigiana entrees. This restaurant often becomes a staple for families throughout their life just like Helen Edelman states, as it is a true landmark for dining in Saratoga.

Osteria Danny: Original & Uncomplicated

chicken parmesan

Want to visit an Italian restaurant that is original and has the freshest ingredients to create “uncomplicated” dishes? Then, Osteria Danny is the place for you! Being close to Congress Park, enjoy a walk through historical Saratoga before entering Osteria.

Their menu is apt to change based on how the chef feels about what he would like to offer. This is a unique and exciting approach for a restaurant in Saratoga.

The more that one learns about Osteria, they begin to gain an understanding of how humble and appreciative they are of each customer. They allow at least 15 minutes if a party is late and holds their table for them.

Pasta Pane: Dining in Rustic Italy

creamy pasta

Do you ever want to go out to eat for the atmosphere and fine dining experience? Then, you may want to visit Pasta Pane. Located in Clifton Park, they are known for their wood fired pizzas and home style meals.

If you are running short on time during Monday night, pasta meals are provided as a special. These meals are perfect for families as customers receive a large tray of pasta, salad, and rustic bread.

If you are debating whether to visit after a workday, Pasta Pane provides a Happy Hour from 4:30 to 6 PM running Monday through Saturday. There is an extensive menu for both wines and food that are offered at this time.

Nonna Maria’s Italian Kitchen: A Hidden Gem

Nonna Maria’s is located in a very small plaza that you might pass by if you’re driving on 9N in Clifton Park. This hidden gem offers some of the greatest Italian fare with limited seating. Luckily, they do takeout as well for customers.

The restaurant serves an abundance of Italian food as they have two separate menus. Their options include dishes for both meat lovers and vegetarians.

Inspiration for Nonna Maria’s came from the love & warmth of an Italian mother’s cooking. Watching the influence this mother had on the young boy’s friends through her dinners was profound to him.

He decided to get into cooking to provide others with the warmth and comfort that his mother showed him. From this, customers are now able to receive these lessons through the food made at Nonna Maria's!

Clearly, the Saratoga area has a variety of Italian restaurants that will be great for dining with family and friends. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and try some of the best that our region has to offer!

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