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Get a Taste of Washington County, NY: From Farm to Table

It's no secret Washington County is known for its incredible agritourism opportunities. But what does that really entail? If up to now, you've only visited the occasional farmers market to purchase locally sourced products, you are missing out on a veritable treasure trove of farm to table experiences.

The entire county is full of not just farmers markets, but farms and farm stores, craft beverage producers, cheese producers, and beyond. Check out how you can support your local community while enjoying fresh and seasonal food and beverages in nearby Washington County.


smoked pork

Locust Grove Farm Smokehouse

Since opening in 1973, Locust Grove Farm Smokehouse has remained a family-run meat processing slaughterhouse, smokehouse, and retail country store. In addition to serving local customers by processing and slaughtering beef and pork, they sell their own smoked meats, eggs and milk from nearby farms, and other products. Pick up some smoked ham, pork chops, or bacon to cook and enjoy at home.

Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery

Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery in Argyle is committed to going back to the basics: raising animals on what is grown locally, so their meat, milk, and eggs can develop unique and rich flavors based on where and how they lived. If you're looking for a farm that treats their animals with care, Moxie Ridge Farm fits the bill.

The chickens are free-range and they forage on local, non-GMO grain and whey. They also drink cultured milk from the farm creamery in order to produce juicy, tender meat. Cheeses are made on the farm from Alpine and Saanen goats, and cows milk cheeses are made from Jersey cows from a neighboring farm.


Lewis Waite Farmer Network

Love beef? How about dry-aged, grass-fed, and grass-finished beef, along with all natural, GMO-free, pastured pork? Check out Lewis Waite Farm, which is located on 450 acres of pastures, hayfields, and forests in Greenwich. Cattle and pigs live a stress-free life, grazing on the land, enjoying fresh grass in the summer and hay in the winter. The cows are never fed grains, only grass and hay, which results in a high-quality meat that tastes better, is better for you, and actually cooks differently.

Lewis Waite Farm manages the Lewis Waite Farmer Network, your one-stop source for local, farm fresh, all natural, artisanal, and organic foods. They offer local delivery routes and can ship anywhere in the Northeast USA.


lavender fields

Lavenlair Farm

Are you ready for a truly unique farm experience? Experience the wonderful world of lavender at Lavenlair Farm!

This farm has a fun backstory: Owners Diane and David Allen happened to spot a discarded lavender plant in a dumpster at a nursery. Not one to let a living thing die, Diane insisted on taking the neglected plant home along with the others the couple had purchased. They planted all their plants only to find that deer consumed all of their hard work - except for the lavender. The seed was planted to start a lavender farm.

Lavenlair Farm can be found in Whitehall, and during their U-Pick season, visitors can pick their own lavender - 32 different varieties! - in the spacious fields, shop for lavender products like lavender soap and lavender tea, and they have a lavender labyrinth you can make your way out of. Also, if you're interested in cooking with the lavender you purchased, ask the owners for some recipe tips.

Fort Ann

bottles of vodka, whiskey, and gin

Lake George Distilling Company

Lake George Distilling Company is a small farm distillery that was founded in 2012. As with other farm-to-table businesses, Lake George Distilling sources local ingredients whenever they can, specifically local grains, to create the best artisan spirits possible.

Their primary products include 32 Mile Moonshine, Apple Pie Moonshine, Indian Kettle Smoked Corn Whiskey, Adirondack Wildlife Whiskey, Bullhead Bourbon, and Red Rock Rye. If you're a Lake George buff, you might know that the pristine lake is 32 miles long - 32 Mile Moonshine is named for Lake George, and all of the other Lake George Distilling products are similarly named and created with our local area in mind.

Visit Lake George Distilling at their Fort Ann tasting room and see for yourself why local, handcrafted spirits are the cream of the crop.

Yoleberry Farms

Yoleberry Farms is a traditional berry picking farm that typically opens for U-Pick strawberries in June and U-Pick blueberries in July. If you're someone who loves long drives in the country, just enjoying the rolling fields and blue skies, then you definitely need to bring the family to Yoleberry Farms. They're located on Goodman Road in Fort Ann, which is off of the scenic Route 149 that connects Fort Ann to Lake George.


person holding bottle of chocolate milk

Battenkill Valley Creamery

You may have seen Battenkill Valley Creamery's milk being sold in your local grocery store, but did you know they have a creamery store and ice cream parlor in Salem? While you're stopping by for a sweet treat you can pick up farm fresh products from milk to cheese to grass-fed beef. In fact, they sell other local products at their store as well: cheese from Argyle Cheese Farmer, maple syrup from Wild Hill Maple, and much more.

The family behind Battenkill Valley Creamery has been farming for over a century, with the venture growing from 12 cows to 350. The family started researching how to bottle their own milk on site in 2003, underwent serious renovations to their machinery in 2007, and began bottling their own farm fresh milk in 2008. In 2009, homemade ice cream was added to the roster and the ice cream parlor was opened at the creamery store. In 2010, they began offering a home delivery service. Who knows what could be next with this thriving dairy business?

Gardenworks Farm

Gardenworks Farm is the epitome of a family farm - this third generation business has been farming for over 100 years! The original farm was purchased in 1911, when it was called the MacClan Farm and the family focused on cows and chickens.

Today, Gardenworks Farm has a greenhouse full of annuals and perennials, and a dairy barn with local cheeses, meats, organic vegetables, and baked goods. They have something exciting going on all year long: the greenhouse is filled with flowers in the spring, you can pick your own raspberries or blueberries in the summer, pumpkins are available in the fall, and during the holiday season, you can buy wreaths, gifts, and more.

R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery

R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery believes beer is an agricultural product and should be enjoyed as such, and that's why they brew their beers out in farm country. They use only the highest quality grains and a combination of hops for their craft beer, and the water they brew with comes from artesian wells on the farm. This is farm fresh beer at its finest! You can find R.S. Taylor & Sons at their home farm and brewery in Salem.


pears and apples

Cambridge Valley Farmers Market

The Cambridge Valley Farmers Market starts its summer season in mid-May, and it is open on Sundays from 10am to 2pm at the Cambridge Central School. Local vendors sell fruits and vegetables, pasture-raised meats and eggs, gourmet baked goods, maple products, wines, artisan breads, and unique handmade goods. Plan a trip to the farmers market and shop local.

Hudson Falls

Argyle Cheese Farmer Store & Bakery

In April 2020, the popular Argyle Cheese Farmer opened a new farm store in Hudson Falls to help make it even easier for customers to purchase their products. While the shop sells the same high-quality aged cheese, cheese curds, and fresh yogurt people have come to know and love, you can also buy take-and-bake pizzas, baked goods, beef and pork, "Just A2" milk, and seasonal items.

During your trip to the Argyle Cheese Farmer Store & Bakery, immerse yourself in food and farming by watching the staff make cheese and yogurt from the observation room. There are educational videos about dairy processing and the farm as well. This store is conveniently located between Saratoga Springs and Lake George.

This is just a taste of the locally produced food and beverages that Washington County has to offer. Explore the region yourself for the full farm to table experience.

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