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CDPHP Cycle! - Saratoga Springs & Capital Region Bike Sharing Program

Want to go green on your commute or take a bike out to the track instead of the trolley? Now you can! CDPHP Cycle! is a bike sharing program for Saratoga Springs and other Capital Region communities. It's easy, affordable, and a great way to go green and stay healthy.

rack of cdphp bikes

How the Bike Sharing Program Works

The CDPHP Cycle! bike sharing program uses smart technology, including GPS, to give you flexibility and value.

Each bike is equipped with technology that will help you:

  • Find a bike
  • Track your distance and time
  • Keep a record of calories burned
  • And even calculate the difference your ride made to carbon dioxide emissions!

To get started, visit the CDPHP Cycle! website or download the mobile app. Once you enter your information and sign up for a membership, you'll receive an account number and PIN. You can then use your account details to unlock a bike at a designated bike rack and start riding. When you're finished, just return the bike to the nearest bike station with an open slot.

There are over 400 bikes available at 80+ rack stations in Saratoga, Albany, Troy, Schenectady, and other communities. CDPHP Cycle! operates from May to November each season (approx.).

Ready to start bike sharing? Check below for details on where the bike rack stations are located. You can also go to to download the app and get ready to cycle!

Where the Bike Rental Locations Are:

Note: The following list of bike rental locations is updated as of 5/3/2022. Visit the CDPHP website for the latest updates and news.

In Saratoga

  1. Caroline and Granger (263 Caroline Street)
  2. Excelsior and Marion, The Hamlet (92 Excelsior Avenue)
  3. Saratoga Hospital (35 Myrtle Street)
  4. High Rock Park (79-99 High Rock Avenue)
  5. Caroline and Pavilion (15-29 Caroline Street)
  6. Division and Broadway (1-11 Division Street)
  7. Broadway Visitors Center (Congress Street)
  8. West Circular and Railroad Run
  9. Railroad Run (Saratoga YMCA)
  10. 43-59 Roosevelt Drive (Saratoga Spa State Park)
  11. Lincoln Baths (Saratoga Spa State Park)
  12. Nelson Ave and Wright Street (101-115 Nelson Avenue)
  13. Saratoga Race Course - Union and East Ave (289-297 East Avenue)
  14. Geyser Road Park (10 Adams Road)
  15. Saratoga Casino Hotel (342 Jefferson Street)
  16. Saratoga Rail Station (26 Station Lane)

In Albany

  1. Empire Commons (Liberty Lane)
  2. Collins Circle (Collins Circle)
  3. Campus Center (Starbucks at UAlbany Campus Center)
  4. CTDA 100 (110 Watervliet Avenue)
  5. Honest Weight (100-120 Watervliet Avenue)
  6. Buckingham Neighborhood (199 Colonial Avenue)
  7. The Point (1119 Madison Avenue)
  8. S Main and Whitehall Road (333 Whitehall Road)
  9. Hackett Blvd and Pinewood (169 Hackett Blvd)
  10. New Scotland and Holland (80 New Scotland Avenue)
  11. Woodlawn Park (249-251 Woodlawn Avenue)
  12. Swinburne Park (695 Clinton Avenue)
  13. Livingston Park (401-423 3rd Street)
  14. Central and Quail, WAMC (95-109 Quail Street)
  15. Ontario Street and Madison Avenue (285 Ontario Street)
  16. Western and North Lake (141 Western Avenue)
  17. Washington Park (Madison Avenue and New Scotland Avenue)
  18. Albany Medical Center (357 Myrtle Avenue)
  19. Townsend Park (40 Central Avenue)
  20. Clinton and Lark (270 Clinton Avenue)
  21. Washington Ave and Lark, Washington Ave Library (161-195 Washington Avenue)
  22. Madison and Lark (300 Lark Street)
  23. Delaware and Elm (20 Delaware Avenue)
  24. Holland and Delaware (175 Delaware Avenue)
  25. Delaware and Hurlbut (Delaware Avenue)
  26. North Pearl and 3rd St. (22 North Third Street)
  27. Albany Mohawk Hudson Rail Trail (726 South Pearl Street)
  28. S Pearl and Mt Hope Dr (624D South Pearl Street)
  29. Howe Library (101-105 Schuyler Street)
  30. MVP Arena (59-67 South Pearl Street)
  31. Broadway and Hudson, SUNY Central (412 Broadway)
  32. Maiden Lane Park (482 Broadway)
  33. State & Eagle (De Witt Clinton Apartments)
  34. Palace Theatre (10-16 Clinton Avenue)
  35. Hudson Riverway Park - Corning Preserve (16112 Mohawk Hudson Hike Bike Trail)
  36. Warehouse District (900 Broadway)
  37. Trinity Place (Temp Hub - 26 Trinity Place)
  38. Sage Campus (217 New Scotland Avenue)
  39. State & Swan (81-89 South Swan Street)
  40. Empire State Plaza (293-325 Madison Avenue)
  41. Ganser-Smith Park (53 Menand Road)
  42. Broadway Menands at Morgan Linen (145 Broadway)
  43. TRU Hotel (798 Albany Shaker Road)
  44. The Desmond Hotel (660 Albany Shaker Road)

In Watervliet

  1. Hudson Shores Park (I-787)
  2. Watervliet City Hall (1453 Broadway)

In Schenectady

  1. Gateway Plaza / SCCC (53 Washington Avenue)
  2. Riverside Park (132 North Ferry Street)
  3. North College Street and Union Street
  4. SCPL Central Library (99 Clinton Street)
  5. Proctors (State Street and Jay Street)
  6. Franklin Street and Lafayette Street (600 Franklin Street)
  7. Crane and Francis (859 Crane Street)
  8. Roger Hull and Park Place (215 Park Place)
  9. Mohawk Harbor (221 Harborside Drive)
  10. Albany Street and Hulett Street (314 Hulett Street)
  11. Ellis/Sunnyview (25 Rosa Road)
  12. Union Street and Dean Street

In Troy

  1. South Troy (482 4th Street)
  2. Adams Street and Franklin Street (Franklin Street)
  3. Hill Street and Liberty Street (5-6-7 Hill Street)
  4. The Ruck (Congress Street and 3rd Street, 101-105 3rd Street)
  5. 6th Avenue and Congress Street (1521-1599 6th Avenue)
  6. Broadway and 5th (5th Avenue)
  7. City Hall (431 River Street)
  8. River Street and Vanderhyden Street (558 River Street)
  9. 15th Street at Beman Park (2178 15th Street)
  10. 15th and Sage (1782-1798 15th Street)
  11. River Street and Ingalls Avenue (5th Avenue)
  12. 6th and Glen (3324 6th Avenue)
  13. 117th and 2nd Ave (632 2nd Avenue)
  14. Sage Campus (65 1st Street)

In Cohoes

  1. Delaware Trail/ 112th St Bridge (70 Delaware Avenue)
  2. Van Schaick Park (187 Continental Avenue)
  3. Remsen Street (179 Remsen Street)
  4. Veterans Park (137 Johnston Ave)
  5. Craner Park/Harmony Mills (150 North Mohawk Street)
  6. Manor Ave Bike Trail (75 Manor Avenue)

In Lake George / Glens Falls Area

  1. Fort William Henry / Beach Road Steel Pier (58 Beach Road)
  2. Sprinkles Ice Cream / Warren County Bikeway (23 Country Club Road)
  3. The Queensbury Hotel at GF City Hall (42 Ridge Street)
  4. Hudson Headwaters Hospital (14 Hudson Avenue)

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