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CDPHP Cycle! - Saratoga Springs & Capital Region Bike Sharing Program

Want to go green on your commute or take a bike out to the track instead of the trolley? Now you can! CDPHP Cycle! is a bike sharing program for Saratoga Springs and other Capital Region communities. It's easy, affordable, and a great way to go green and stay healthy.

rack of cdphp bikes

How the Bike Sharing Program Works

The CDPHP Cycle! bike sharing program uses smart technology, including GPS, to give you flexibility and value. CDPHP Cycle! has also announced that a new fleet of electric bikes (e-bikes) will be available to rent, starting in 2023!

Each bike is equipped with technology that will help you:

  • Find a bike
  • Track your distance and time
  • Keep a record of calories burned
  • And even calculate the difference your ride made to carbon dioxide emissions!

To get started, visit the CDPHP Cycle! website or download the mobile app. Once you enter your information and register, you'll receive an account number and PIN. You can then use your account details to unlock a bike at a designated bike rack and start riding. When you're finished, just return the bike to the nearest bike station with an open slot.

CDPHP Cycle! offers pay as you go rentals, as well as monthly and seasonal memberships and operates from May to November each season (approx.).

Where the Bike Rental Locations Are

There are over 400 bikes available at 80+ rack stations in Saratoga, Albany, Troy, Schenectady, and other communities. An interactive map of bike locations will be available by using the app.

Ready to start bike sharing? Sign up and go explore the area!

Visit their website for FAQs and to download the app:

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