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2022 Saratoga Springs Area Car Shows

Do you love cars? If you do, chances are that you've been to many car shows and know what to expect by now. If you've never been, though, we'll help you learn all the basics. Whether you're a car show rookie or a seasoned pro, check out these upcoming Saratoga car shows to find the perfect automotive event for you!

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Car Show Tips & Tricks

For Participants:

Get Your Car Ready For The Show

If you're entering your own car in the show, make sure it's prepared for the big day! You'll need to do more than just simply wash it - make sure your car is completely clean inside and out. Many pros recommend cleaning the engine first and the exterior last so you can wash away every last bit of dirt.

For Spectators:

Arrive Early

With all the extra cars in the area, parking could get a little crazy. If you're spectating, you'll want to arrive early enough to make sure you have adequate time to find a spot.

Dress Comfortably

Car shows typically involve at least a few hours of walking or standing, so you'll want to make sure you're dressed appropriately. Loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes are generally the best items to wear. You will also want to bring a jacket or raincoat in case the weather changes suddenly.

Bring Water And Snacks

Many car shows take place outside in the summer and while there can be food vendors nearby, there may be some instances where there's nothing to eat or drink in the vicinity. Packing a water bottle and some granola bars is always a good idea, especially if you're bringing kids along.

Don't Touch The Cars

The cardinal rule of car shows is don't touch the cars, especially if the owner isn't around. If you would like to see a car more closely, it is polite to ask the owner to show you, but you should never make contact with any of the vehicles on display.

See Photos From Past Car Shows in the Saratoga Area

saratoga car show

saratoga car show

saratoga car show

saratoga car show

saratoga car show

saratoga car show

saratoga car show

saratoga car show

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