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Pitney Meadows Community Farm in Saratoga Springs: Trails, Gardens, and More

Pitney Meadows Community Farm in Saratoga Springs is made up of 166 acres of fields, forests, wetlands, and more. Previously, all of that land had the untapped potential of being used for recreational purposes, but in 2021, the farm officially opened a new trail system.

farm buildings with the moon above in the sky
Pitney Meadows Community Farm. Photo by

Plan a Visit to Pitney Meadows’ Trails

The trail system at Pitney Meadows was designed to open up the property to visitors who want to explore the scenic farm. There are currently two trails that the public is free to use. The smaller of the two trails is approximately 0.5 miles, while the larger is 1.7 miles.

Both trails loop around the farm’s agricultural fields and are adjacent to West Avenue. They are open year round for recreational activities from dawn to dusk. Dogs are welcome but must remain on a leash.

Visit the trail system and enjoy walking, family biking, and birding during the warmer months, and then strap on your skis or snowshoes when winter arrives.

How to Get There

Pitney Meadows Community Farm is located at 223 West Avenue just south of downtown Saratoga Springs. If you are on Route 50 passing Saratoga Spa State Park on your right, West Avenue will be on your left.

Learn More About Pitney Meadows Community Farm

Pitney Meadows is a nonprofit organization that celebrates and explores agricultural education, healthy food production, and recreation on a preserved working farm. Check out some of their key services and programs below:

Agricultural Fields

After a period of fallowing, Pitney Meadows began farming a small portion of their land again in 2019, and have expanded their agricultural fields since then. They are dedicated to only using organic materials and sustainable practices to grow their crops, including organic pest control, no till methods, and even crop covers. These fields are used to grow crops for the Pick-Your-Own CSA program, local food pantries, schools, and more.

Community Gardens

Garden plots in the Community Gardens are available in five different sizes, and some are handicap accessible for those who may not be able to get around as easily. Volunteers keep the gardens running and beautiful, using organic growing techniques. You can visit their website and apply to become a potential future gardener.

left photo of side view of birdhouse on preserve; right photo of view of bird house with silo in background

Educational Programs

Every program that is offered through Pitney Meadows is priced on a sliding scale payment option to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity. Take a look at their calendar of upcoming events and see what interests you. Workshops, garden forums, and other fun and educational events are held at the farm.

Farm Stand

On top of everything else they have to offer, Pitney Meadows sells the produce they harvest at their own farm stand year round. Find fresh vegetables and other great products from neighboring farms too. The stand is completely self-service and runs on the honor system. It is located at 223 West Avenue, right past the farmhouse.

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