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Discover The Great Sacandaga Lake in Saratoga

Only 22 miles from Saratoga Springs, the Great Sacandaga Lake is a hidden gem for those visiting Saratoga. The Lake is a great resource for all types of paddlers and those who enjoy water recreation.Whether you enjoy fishing, boating or simply relaxing on a float in the shallow water, Sacandaga is a great option for an array of outdoor activities.

Sacandaga Lake lies in the southern portion of the Adirondacks and spans through two counties - one of them being Saratoga. Not only is it a great spot for boating and fishing, but it also provides scenic views of some of the Adirondack peaks and wooded mountainsides.

great sacandaga lake

The History

The floodgates of the Conklingville dam closed for the first time in 1930 causing 25,000 acres of the Sacandaga Valley to become submerged. Run off drained into the Sacandaga River which covered several towns in nearly 40 - 75 feet of water. To this day, the Conklingville Dam is fully functional and is a great spot to stop while you're canoeing or kayaking.


Check out where you can launch your boat on Sacandaga:

  • Gordon's Lakeside Marine
  • Lakeside Tavern & Marina
  • Northampton Marina
  • Park Marine Base, Inc.

Fishing Tips

  • Make sure to remove all mud and aquatic plants from your boat, motor and gear before entering the water
  • In order to keep invasive species to a minimum, don't transport fish from one body of water to another
  • If you're done fishing for the day, don't release unused bait into the lake... they may be an invasive species to Sacandaga!
  • Be sure to drain all water from bait tanks before departing from your fishing spot
  • Bring your garbage with you! Don't dispose of fish carcasses or by-products in the lake

great sacandaga lake

How To Get There

From Saratoga Springs, follow NY-9N for about 12 miles. Turn left onto Co Rd 10/Mosher Road for about 4 miles. Then, turn right onto Stewart Dam Rd and continue onto Hunt Lake Rd before turning slightly left onto South Shore Rd. After about 1.5 miles, turn right onto Conklingville-Lynwood Rd, and the dam will be on your right after about a mile.