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Waters of Saratoga

Discover the mystery and lore surrounding the distinct and assorted waters of Saratoga Springs. From the mineral springs revered by Native Americans, to the luxurious mineral baths and pools, Saratoga's waters continue to lure loyal and faithful patrons to enjoy their benefits.

mineral spring in saratoga
Among the few naturally carbonated springs in the country, Saratoga's mineral springs have lured visitors since they were discovered by the Native Americans.
family tasting mineral water
Saratoga's mineral springs are steeped in legend and known for their curative powers. Check out some testimonials and background on the springs' restorative abilities.
columbian spring in saratoga
You've heard all about Saratoga's springs and fountains offering up healthful mineral water. So...where are they? Find out, and go on your own tasting tour!
roosevelt baths and spa
Saratoga mineral baths have been keeping Spa City visitors stress-free for generations. Once known as "taking the cure," today's mineral baths are luxurious and soothing.
lincoln baths in saratoga
Looking to try a mineral bath for the first time? Learn what to expect and get some great tips to help you prepare!
victoria pool in saratoga springs
Did you know that the first heated pool in the United States is located right here in Saratoga Springs! Try it out for yourself along with its neighbor, Peerless Pool, located in Saratoga Spa State Park.
saratoga lake
Not all Saratoga water is carbonated! Beautiful Saratoga Lake, just outside of Saratoga Springs, offers fun for the entire family, from swimming to boating. Grab a bite at one of the lakeside restaurants!