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Saratoga Mineral Baths - What To Expect

Interested in a Saratoga mineral bath? Whether it's your first time or you're still deciding, we have some tips on what to expect with a mineral bath.

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What Should I Expect For My First Mineral Bath?

Mineral baths take place in a deep, porcelain tub filled with both mineral water and fresh water. The reasoning behind only using half mineral water is that the high concentration of mineral water can be bad for the pipes. It is also due to the temperature of the water. Mineral water comes out of the eath at 50 degrees, and is then combined with hot fresh water to bring the temperature to around 97-100 degrees, the perfect bathing temperature. The mineral water, when combined with air, will create a brownish-red hue. Baths usually last between 20-40 minutes, depending on if you are getting any additional treatments at the spa.bathing in mineral water

Before going into the mineral bath room, some spas allow you to choose oils or salts to add to the bath. Each oil or salt has a different result and effect, for a variety of purposes. Some of our favorites are grapefruit and lavendar! The grapefruit oil helps to boost energy, while lavendar is typically for relaxation.

Once your appointment is ready, an attendant will escort you to your private bathing room and they will fill the tub with mineral water to your desired temperature.

Once in the room, the attendant will leave you to undress and use the tub. The tub is deeper than a standard home tub, but is ideal for fully submerging your body. While the tub knobs may look a little rusty - not to fret, this is due to the minerals.


Once you are submerged in the bath, you will feel a sensation of warmth, lightness and relaxation that is extremely soothing. Soft, relaxing music is often played in your private room. While you're bathing, you may notice some noise coming from the pipes, often a clanging noise. Don't worry - this is completely normal! This is just due to the water and the fact that many of the baths are historic. You'll also be able to adjust your bath water temperature, along with the ability to add more or less water. You are sure to feel great long after you come out of the bath - which is a huge benefit!

Mineral Bath Tips - First Timer Tips For Your Mineral Bath

  • Drink water while you are in the tub (the hot water can make some dizzy).
  • For a full experience, consider a mineral bath, followed by a massage and facial!
  • Wear cozy clothes to your appointment - you'll want to be comfortable after an hour or so of relaxation!

Ready to book your appointment? Check out all of the luxurious mineral spas in Saratoga - the perfect way to relax and unwind!