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Parking in Downtown Saratoga Springs

Saratoga is a bustling city with a steady stream of visitors and locals driving downtown to experience the best dining, shopping, and events. New or infrequent visitors to the city are often concerned about where they will find parking, as finding a spot along the main thoroughfare can sometimes prove challenging. Thankfully, if you know the right places to look, you can find a spot!

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Please Note: We aim to have as accurate parking information as possible, but recommend that you be aware of all posted signs.

Parking Garages

  • Woodlawn Avenue Garage: 4 levels of parking, provides easy access to downtown, and located just one half block off Broadway. The outside lot, ground level, and ramp offer 3-hour parking from 9:00am-6:00pm. Levels 2 and 3, and Level 1 spaces not adjacent to the ramp, offer 24-hour parking. Additional parking is available on the roof.
  • Walton Street Garage: Conveniently located along Walton Street and Woodlawn Avenue near the north end of Broadway. The upper deck has no time limit parking restrictions with the exception that the lot is closed everyday from 11:00pm-7:00am for maintenance purposes. The ground level of the parking deck has two different regulations; south of the entrance there is a 3-hour time limit from the hours of 9:00am-6:00pm and north of the entrance there is a 24-hour time limit.
  • Putnam Street Garage: Offers easy access to Congress Park, and it is located between Spring and Putnam Street. The lower level offers 3-hour parking from 9:00am-6:00pm, and the upper level offers 24-hour parking except for the 19 spaces immediately adjacent to the western wall, which are 3-hour parking. There is no parking on the upper level from 11:00pm-6:00am, November 1 - April 1, so plowing can be done overnight.
  • High Rock Avenue / City Center Garage: The former parking lot on High Rock Avenue is now a parking garage. The facility features secure covered parking for over 620 vehicles and a pedestrian bridge on Level 3 over Maple Avenue that leads into the City Center. This garage offers a pay per park system with the first hour of parking free, and each additional hour being $2, up to a per day maximum of $15. In addition, the City Center parking facility is a designated CDTA Trolley Stop for anyone interested in heading to the track.

Public Parking Lots

  • Broadway: Across from Walton Street is a small parking lot. It is located next to the restricted Ellsworth Jones Place parking lot. Check the parking signs as you drive in.
  • Spring Street: Across the street from the Putnam Street garage, this lot offers easy access to Congress Park. This lot features 24-hour parking, except for the spaces immediately adjacent to Spring Street (the southernmost spaces), which are 3-hour parking.
  • Saratoga Springs Public Library: A free parking lot is available at the Saratoga Springs Public Library.
  • Henry Street: North of the Saratoga Springs Public Library is a free parking lot on Henry Street.
  • Congress Park Centre: A large parking lot between Congress Street and Washington Street is available for shoppers checking out the other stores right in front of the lot. Simply have your card stamped for parking.
  • Congress Plaza: Offers access to shops in Congress Plaza, but is only open for patrons.

Street Parking

Street parking is available on both sides of Broadway, and on most side streets.

Downtown Saratoga Springs Public Parking Locations Map

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