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David Zecchini of Forno Toscano Bistro

Forno Toscano Bistro, owned by David Zecchini, specializes in delicious, rustic Italian cuisine. The bistro offers a wide variety of high quality foods in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere, all at an affordable price.

David is a passionate restaurateur and it shows in his work and from those who work for him at Forno Toscano. He believes in the Saratoga community, and considers the city an integral part of his business and life.

An Interview With Forno Toscano Owner: David Zecchini

1. What can people expect when they dine at Forno Toscano?

Excellent service, simple and delicious food, lively-elegant atmosphere, casual family environment.

2. Personally, what is your favorite dish and why?

All of them. It is so hard to choose. Everything is made fresh daily.

3. What is the most popular dish ordered by Saratogians or visitors to Saratoga?

Mezzanine Otero (small tube pasta w/ chicken, sun dried tomatoes in a delicate pink sauce)

4. Forno Toscano is fast becoming a favorite among the locals. Why?

I believe it is because Forno is a hip, light, fun environment and my entire staff cares about the guest.

5. Is there a secret to your recipes?

No. The secret is passion. You have to be passionate about what you do.

6. What future plans do you have for Forno Toscano?

I'm not really sure. Right now we are concentrating on building the new Chianti, which will be moving to the Lofts building at 18 Division St in April 2008.

7. Why is the location (being in Saratoga) so important?

Saratoga is a community with people who want to support local businesses.

8. What do you think is so special about Saratoga Springs?

Saratoga is unlike most communities. We have done a great job in keeping the hub of activities downtown. Saratoga is my town and my life, I love it.